Friday, June 25, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When....

~ You spill water on you in your sleep and keep sleeping

~ You hear the alarm, get up to turn it off and go right back to bed

~ By the time you eat your food is cold

~ You sport a white nail (desitin cream)

~ You wake up every 10 minutes to check on baby

~ You make dinner in 10 minutes

~ You cook, talk on phone, talk to baby and eat a snack all at the same time

~ You sport a spit up on your shirt and think it's ok

~ Do the baby talk in public and you're not embarrassed

~ You make up songs and can even rhythm

~ Don't mind laying on the floor

~ think green leaves are so awesome when showing them off to baby

~ You become a counselor, personal chef, choufer, teacher, message therapist, chiropractor, janitor, hair stylist, mani/pedicurist, translator, fashionista, entertainer, photographer

~ Think a double chin (baby's) is so adorable

~ You use baby wipes to clean your hands

~ You get noticed by everyone

~ Your lap becomes a comfortable chair

~ You look up your childhood songs online to teach them

~ The video camera finally comes out of the closet and gets put to use

~ You take a million pictures

~ You buy a toy cause you're love it and you're afraid it would be sold even though it won't be used for another year

~ Going out seems like packing for a circus

~ You make several trips to you car to load it all

~ You find yourself watching tv at 3am

~ Sleep is such a wonderful thing when possible

~ Facebook defines your social life hahaha

~ Dusting the room or making your bed before the baby wakes up is a huge accomplishment

I am loving being a mommy to Karina. I used to be a busy bee very involved at church, going to women's retreats, Bibles studies, coordinating events, meetings, couples' Bible studies and even taught at church, running errands, going out to lunch with friends now my life has slowed down and is alot simpler. Even though it's different it's not a bad thing because I am now mommy to Karina and the majority of my day envolves loving on her in many ways! I know that little by little we'll be able to get out more and be more envolved. I love being a mommy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thank You Papi!

In 1985 the Lord brought a special person into my dad Jimmy. My mom introduced me to him and I felt in myheart that he was the one my mom was waiting for and longing to raise a family with. I wasn't wrong and it turned out even better than I had imagined. On this father's day 25 yrs later, I want to thank the Lord for blessing me with him. He has been such an amazing father to me and my siblings. There isn't a day when he isn't thinking about us, he loves having his family gathered, works 6-7 days a week to make sure my mom and lil brother are taken care off. He is always ready to lend a hand even if he doesn't feel good which always amazes me. My dad has dedicated many years to his family in such a selfless way. My dad has always been there for us, very supportive, duing special moments in our lives. His love for us is genuine!I had the honor of having him marry us, he also married my two sisters! That was very special for us! He may not be the richest person in the world but let me tell you...he's priceless to us! I knew the day I'd have a baby he'd be head over heels for her and I now love seeing him with his granddaughter Karina! Many a times people like him go unnoticed. Truth is he'd rather be behind scenes doing what he does best...loving us. Today though I want you to know what a wonderful father I have, We may not be blood but he is more than a father to me! Most important to me though is that he is one of the strongest Christians I've ever met and he always made sure we were raised in a godly home! He's never giving us a bad example and that is HUGE! I grew up watching my dad worship the Lord right in the middle of our living room. He'd sing his heart out!In his hand you normally find the Bible, the one book he loves to read and knows very well. It amazes me how he can forgive and forget so easily. Something we all need to work on. He was always ready to serve at church and to help those in need. These are the values and lessons children never forget! I pray that our kids..the new generation also learns these valuable things!

Thank you papi for loving our mami and taking such good care of her, for loving us, for loving your grandchildren, for being there for us and for teaching us to love the Lord and to serve Him wholeheartedly! We will never forget all you've done to provide, all your hard work has not been in vain. We now have beautiful families of our own and have learned that without the is meaningless. Thank you for being our dad!!!


At my sister Irene's labor with Isaiah

Taking care of my mom

with my sister Gaby's on her wedding day

with my little brother Jimmy on his graduation

with my brother Dani in Costa Rica

at our wedding

at Karina's birth

Then at the birth of our beautiful daughter.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sweet Reminder!

Don't you just love how God always finds a neat way to make every day special and make you smile? Especially when you most needed? A few days ago, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and somewhat tired. Ya know...sometimes you have a million things running through your head and you know that somehow it all has to get done whether you have the energy or not. Well, while I sat across the room I noticed my that my husband had sent me a text message. I totally love hearing from him through the day especially when he works 12 hrs a day. I picked up the phone and this is what I see....

with the message "you sent me this pic the day before Karina was born, 24 hours before she was born crazy. That night we went to the hospital" about making my day!!!! I immediately glanced at the picture and transported myself to that very moment. The moment I laid in bed with pain that in reality were early contractions hahaha! My reason for sending my hubby this pic via text was to make him smile because I knew how much he loved to see and kiss my belly. Little did I know that our precious baby girl would be in my arms almost 24 hrs later. I sent him this pic at 11:33am and she was born the next day at 12:06pm. Better yet..little did I know that a couple of months later God would be putting in my husband's heart to send this very same pic to me to remind me that I have a gazillion reasons to smile:D My overwhelmed mind immediately forgot about my mental "to-do" list and simply enjoyed the sweet kiss from the Lord. Reminds me of the song, "Simple bareneI love the way God works don't you?!?!?

It's incredible to think that in the picture she was getting ready for the big journey she would take to meet us and forever be part of our lives. What seemed to me like a typical day was a day the Lord had chosen to bless us with our miracle. I look at the picture over and over again and try to imagine what Karina's world must have been like in there, what ran through her mind at that point in time and what it felt like to know that she would be finally meeting her mommy and daddy! Life is precious and such a beautiful miracle. Thank YOU LORD for giving us life!

And thank YOU my Lord for this very special we will never ever forget..

Now the Lord makes us smile through our baby girl every day<3