Friday, May 27, 2011

The Music of My Heart

As many of you know, I have always had a passion and some even say and ear for music. It represents so many experiences, emotions, memories, triumphs, all in one. It has always had a special place in my heart. I'd say from birth! My mom says that my first gift when I turned one was a plastic drum that I probably drove her crazy with hahaha! I then got a tambourine that I longed to have, next came a keyboard and last but not least a real organ that my parents got me! My cousin even let me have his old flute at one point. God used music to work in my heart and bring me back to him. He used music to soothe me when I faced some of my toughest trials. He always knows that music is the way to my heart. Now that He's opened my womb, it's no different. Right before conceiving Karina, I heard a very beautiful song for the first time called, "Un Viaje Largo" by Marcela Gandara.

I was totally in love with the lyrics and Marcela's soothing voice. But most important by the closeness I felt to the Lord when I would hear which sometimes meant three, four times a day:D Little did I know that the Lord was preparing the way and our hearts to receive one of the most beautiful news a person can received....that of a new life growing, a miracle so desired and dreamed of. Throughout Karina's pregnancy, the song kept coming up and of course I enjoyed it and sang my heart to it. I then realized that the song was so in tune with the journey it had taken us to Karina. It was meant to be Karina's song. It spoke of my feelings throughout my journey with infertility, it spoke of God's timing and purpose for Karina's life and of the mission He now had for our daughter. So "Un Viaje Largo" is Karina's song!

Well, once we learned of our second miracle, the one I joyfully carry in my womb I wondered if the Lord would give us a song. Honestly, it didn't take long to figure it out because the Lord pointed it right out to me. Like Karina, before I conceived I had heard this very beautiful song and completely fell head over heels for it. I even used it to minister to others who were hurting. Once again it spoke of the journey I had previously taken except this time it mentioned...silent prayers being heard. Does it surprise me that I happened to be fasting/praying the week we conceive? NO! The song also spoke of HOPE! That was the word the Lord had given me for this year. This song summarizes so much of what I felt, endured, went through as I faced infertility....a journey the Lord took me on and wouldn't change for the world. It was very clear to me that this was meant to be this baby's song! My heart rejoices as I see that the Lord gave me a love for music to communicate with me. It's our way of staying connected and I love it. We have a special relationship that's unique and one of a kind!

And now I introduce you to Elijah Israel's song:

~*~ What Faith Can Do ~*~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Hope-filled Miracle!

Hello my dear friends/family! I finally make my way into bloggerland (with my deliciously smelly candle and some crunchy pistachios) and share a little more of my heart with you. If you read my last post, you noticed that I've spent quite some time on Facebook and have sadly neglected my wonderful blog:( Something alot of you can probably relate to.


I must make something very clear. Facebook is not the main reason why my time on blogger has been so poorly. You see I have a story to tell:D Those of you who have faithfully an lovingly followed me through the last couple of years remember that the Lord blessed my husband and I with a miracle baby, Karina Rocio. She is now 1 1/2 as beautiful as a ever, talking up a storm and recently started WALKING! She's full of life and has taught us so much about God's love and joy!


Story doesn't end there. As a matter of fact it's about to be repeated because the Lord has done it again! YES, we are expecting our 2nd miracle baby! Can you believe it? I went from not ovulating AT ALL to two babies in three yrs. GOD IS GOOD<3 For those of you who weren't aware, I dealt with infertility for three yrs. We did the meds, and AI and lots and lots of prayer all wrapped in patience. What worked you may ask? THE LORD'S POWER! Not the meds, nor the AI...nothing but the Lord!!! We know this for sure because we had taken a step of faith and discontinued everything surrendering it all to the Lord! He did it and did it again! I am due with this munchkin Oct. 3, 2011. So cool to have both spring and fall babies! I am currently 15 and 1 day! Mr. nausea seems to be a bit too comfortable and wants to linger around longer this time around something I'm not too crazy about...ok..not crazy at all about but I do know that it is a great sign so I will take it and fight it through like God's warrior! I must share the story behind this baby because like Karina's, it's pretty neat.


(a fair warning...a little lengthy but very good)

Karina was born in March 10' and everything was going smoothly. Mrs. you know what returned about 5 months later and we were fully aware that history could repeat itself through God's grace any time. We've always talked about the desire to have a big family so this was of great joy to us. The year went by and we had alot of peace because we knew that if God did it once He could most definitely do it again. I was not going to let the thought of suffering from secondary infertility hunt me even though it crept in a couple of times. I was determined to fully enjoy Karina and rejoice in the Lord's presence. January came around and we attended what has been one of the best sermons at church so far for me. Our pastor is huge on challenging his church and 2011 was going to be no different. He began the year sharing with us about fasting, what it's all about and challenged us to fast for an an entire wk as a church. He said he knew the Lord would move and was so ready to hear the stories of victory! I've been a Christian 23 yrs and can honestly say I had never truly fasted. I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to truly take the challenge. So I went on this spiritual journey with no expectations really. I wanted to allow the Lord to work His way in my life. The pastor told us that there are different types of fasting and that the Lord would reveal to us how He wanted each of us to fast. The Lord spoke to my heart and wanted me to pray every single morning for that week before I ate anything. I don't get to eat breakfast all the time so I was relieved to know I wouldn't have to starve lol. Well I went to work and prayed for different people/situations every day. Including my grandma's health, my brother's reconciliation to the Lord, our marriage and more children among other things. It was so healing to pray so fervently. I truly felt the Lord's presence and knew that if anything I would spend alot of time nurturing my relationship with the Lord! The pastor had also asked us to ask the Lord to give us a word. A word that we were to focus on the entire year...He gave me "hope". I prayed with hope, thought about hope, felt hopeful and tried to encouragement those around me to be hopeful in the Lord. The month of Jan cruised along, I celebrated my birthday and felt great. On Jan. 27 my hubby and I decided to go ut to a nice steakhouse to celebrate the fact that the Lord had blessed him that month allowing him to sell many cars! We happened to be at my mom's so brought her and my grandma along! We had a great time, it was a new restaurant to us, food was great and the laughter even better. I had a secret though....a secret no one but I knew...I was late 4 days! Now, I wasn't jumping for joy just yet because it had happened the month before only to find out that I was simply that...late. Throughout dinner I couldn't help but feel the intense battle in my head between "should I take a pregnancy test tonight vs let me just give it a couple more days and see what happens". No one knew this but me. Not even my husband. I honestly felt the Lord telling me to go for it. I felt the great urge in my heart even though there's always a slight fear of yet another (-). I stayed calmed, finished my meal and off we went. Right before we got to what would be the last Walgreen's on the main road to my parents' house (there's 3 on one road lol) I knew I had a decision to make and act quick. I immediately looked at my husband and asked him to please pull into the Walgreens so I can get....uummm....huh...eye makeup remover LOL. I must say I wasn't lying because I needed it, just happened to need it now lol. In I went and reality was hitting me with every step. As I waited in line to pay with my the pregnancy tests in my hand, my husband walks in. "Ahhhhhh what is he doing?" I thought. I tried so hard not to laugh and kindly told him to go away lol. Puzzled yet lovingly went back to the car. I was relieved! I knew that my very smart husband wasn't going to let me off the hook just like that so I ran to the Walgreens restroom (after paying of course) and yep...took the test right there LOL. My reaction: a mix of "try not to get too excited with you must proclaim it because the Lord can do the impossible" with alot of pacing and the answer taking what seemed forever. After what seemed like ten minutes I look down and there it was.....YES+...I couldn't believe what my eyes were witnessing. I took a deep breath, looked away, looked back down and there it was. WOW! I managed to get myself together as best as I could hoping the trembling wasn't so noticeable. My hubby wondering what had taking me so long to pay lol. Get this...he thought I was hiding a candy bar from him. Little did he know that I had something much more sweeter!!! We got home and my next big decision aka dilemma (I'm not good with quick decision making) was "Am I going to tell him now, just like this? No cute surprise?" I was honestly not prepared this time around. I had brainstormed a few ideas but was definitely caught off guard. This was a lil sour since with Karina I delivered the news to daddy-to-be in such a special, unique way. But guess what? I was now PREGNANT and any way of delivering that kind of news worked for me! So I just went for it...I showed him the positive test. He stumbled upon his words, had a very nervous yet happy laugh. It was actually very beautiful because he was holding Karina at the time and the three of us hugged as we took it all in. WOW...we were now going to be a family of 4! I truly believe that every child the Lord blesses us with is unique and will teach us different things. Karina taught me humility, fully trusting the Lord and what patience was all about. Baby #2 has already taught me so much including what is like to truly hope on the Lord and what fasting can do....nothing less than MIRACLES!!!! It was pretty neat because we longed for Karina for three long yrs and with baby #2 for the first time ever we experience what most couples experience....getting pregnant quick and so naturally! I loved it both ways because with both long or short waits the Lord manifested Himself in such a powerful way! Honestly, I thought I'd be getting pregnant this summer. Little did I know that God heard my pervant prayer about growing our family and He went right to work...that week literally. I must say that something very unique about this baby is that he/she is big on special dates. I believe we conceived on my birthday, our 1st Dr. visit was on my mom's birthday (the nest possible date would have been my grandfather's bday who passed two yrs ago, we got to see him/her for the very first time via ultrasound on Valentine's Day and Lord-willing we will find out the gender on Mother's Day<3 Neat huh?

Hope you enjoyed the story (sorry so long but had to be told). So I now sport a cute lil belly and am digging out the maternity clothes I put away not too long ago lol. I am still in shock to know we're going to do it again! We are ready, so ready! Karina is loving her little brother/sister already. She pulls my blouse up and kisses my belly! She's going to be the cutest big sister! They will only be 1 1/2 apart which I love so they'll be almost like twins:D

I God called me home tonight and you never heard from me again here on earth and if there's something I want you to cling to is that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD! Please, please, please BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! I have witnessed not two, many miracles in my life and my two children are proof of that.

Last but not least, stop by my baby gender poll (on the side) and leave me your thoughts!

A witness of a hoped-filled miracle<3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Therapeudic I must say!

Oh Blogger, oh blogger oh how I have missed you! It's been so, so long since I've mastered to come by and share my heart the way I totally loved doing not that long ago (but seems like ages). Ever since my involunatry break from blogger, I've realized how therapedic it's for me. I've been told that many of you have enjoyed my posts and have even been blessed which I'm so grateful because for's the Lord working through me to bless you and for two you have faithful kept up with me:D But honestly I feel that blogging has benefited me the most because it's allow me to rejoice over my triumphs and blessings as well as humbly come before the Lord during my trials. Either way I'd laid on my heart on these posts which now it serves as a window. A window that I can see through as much as I need and see the Lord's hand all over my life.

I am going to make a major attempt to start blogging again! I've missed it, it was part of my "me" time...a time I truly and it's Therapeudic!!!! I hope you continue to follow me on this thing called "life". I also hope to once again follow your blogs and be immensely blessed the way I was..not too long ago!

God bless you my sweet blogger friends!

Susan is hopefully back!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

May I Say That I Love This? I Know..It's My Nerdy Side!

New! Make your own word lists (Big Heart)
Now you can save your favorite words and share them.Get started
Clickon any definition page to save words you like or need to learn

I found this new feature on a website I tend to visit from time to time and it totally made me smile. For many people...this is not a big deal, boring and even lame for for those of us (I know I'm not the only one) who are pretty much get a natural high from learning new words it's a work of art! Every time I run into a word I don't know the meaning of, I rush to look it up in the dictionary. I even doing while reading my Bible which is something so neat because it allows me to fully understand what the Lord is saying. Confession: I do have a small dictionary in the top drawer of my nightstand! Ready to be use at an arm's reach lol. I'm fascinated with learning...guess I take the phrase "you learn something new every day" at heart hahaha! Not sure if it has something to do with English being my second language and me wanting to become even better with it or that I simply enjoy learning! It has helped me with my poetry tremendously and when I write! Who doesn't like to throw in a big word once in a while;)