Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He Truly Cares!

Right now my life has slowed down a bit because I am working on giving our baby girl the best care ever. I am loving my new role as a mommy and thank the Lord for giving me the honor! One thing's for sure though when you're a mom..your life changes. Right now I'm in the process of organizing my time and can already tell that everything is falling back into place along with the new member of the family! The other day I laughed with my husband because I told him that my social life has come down to Facebook hahaha! There I stay in touch with family/friends and see what they're up to. One of my main goals in life has always been to make a difference. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be in the medical fields so I could help people. In high school I was always the one people came to with their problem to get sound advice. I worked with youth who were eager to find meaning in their life and encouragement women who came from all angels of life.I always look around to see how I can help! A few days ago though I felt as if I can't do a whole lot from home. I don't get out much since the baby is still little. I started to feel guilty because I felt that I could do more being that my spiritual gift is to encourage. That very same day I checked my FB and found this beautiful kiss from the Lord!

"Just wanted to stop by your page and tell you how incredible you are:o) You are a constant encouragement and such a BRIGHT shining light for Jesus...thanks for being the godly wife, mommy and friend that you are!"

The Lord used my beautiful friend Elvira as a vessel to lift me back up and re-energize me so I can keep walking. He wanted me to know that I am making a difference...through Him!!!!

I just had to share because this is proof that God is real and truly cares about our feeling. He really wants to see His children happy! God is in all the details and I'm so glad He is! He knows our every need and knows exactly how to provide for them! My goal is to turn to Him when the going gets tough because obviously He cares!!!!

I pray you find joy in knowing that He truly cares for you too and wants to be the shoulder you run too, comfort you seek, the healing you long for, the one who fulfills your needs!

Thank you sooo much Elvira<3 THANK YOU MORE MY LORD<3

Monday, July 26, 2010

Where Has Time Gone?

Yes...would someone please tell me where has time gone???? If you find it would you please tell it to slow down? I remember it as if it were yesterday..hoping int he car at 1:30am, eating Combos, with some pain yet very manageable, with a lil drizzle driving down the highway, chit chatting with my hubby as we made our way to the hospital on March 26, 2010. We were so sure we were going to get sent home yet we needed to go in JUST IN CASE. Well....that "just in case" turned out to be 5cm dilated...soft cervix..IV in my call to my mom...trasfered to a wheelchair..rolled into the labor 2am! I can honestly tell you, and ya might laugh in disbelief, but this is when it truly hit me that I was pregnant hahaha! I know...I guess 3 months of non-stop nausea and 9 months of a growing belly didn't hit me like this very memorable moment in time hit me. I knew this wasn't one of the 100+ "A Baby Story" episodes..I wasn't to watch the birth of someone else's baby and or cry for someone else's baby...this was ME!!!!! From the minute they wheeled me into the labor I knew there was no turning back...not that I wanted to but this baby girl was coming whether we were ready or not. She was born 9 days early. I tell ya..such a jokester from birth! Fast forward 5 months later and we now have a beautiful, energetic, talkative, sweet, friendly, very expressive, did I say beautiful 5 month old! WOW..really 5 months have gone by already?

I know many moms can totally relate to me on this one. I grew up hearing the phrase, "they grow up too fast"..yep they were definitely right. And because I've noticed this, I've made a promise to myself that I will enjoy her to the fullest. Lieke I do with my husband, I tell her that I love her every single day, many times a day. I kiss her a hundred times a day and love to see her smile because she feels loved! Time sure does fly when you're having fun! I am looking forward to many more "I love yous" or like we say "Te Amo" and to many sweet kisses. Since I'm with her pretty much 24/7 (which I love) I don't see how much she's grown until either someone else notices or I see pics like these....

These are the then...and now....can you tell she's grown? This is only 5 months later!





Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Have A New Friend!

Florida is not only sunny but very, very green! A very nice product of all the rain we get. With green bushes comes pretty flowers and with pretty flowers come one of the prettiest things the Lord has created and a personal favorite...BUTTERFLIES!

We happen to have a big window in our living room facing a very lush "front yard". I spend alot of my day sitting on our couch feeding Karina which also gives me the opportunity to gaze through our window and enjoy all the beauty! A couple of days ago I noticed something flying back and forth..someone was very busy. Karina and I went to investigate and smiled at the sight of a very beautiful:


It's so pretty and so big! I loved to see how it went from flower to flower eating. A sweet reminder of how God nourishes He's creation. The Lord is always speaking to my heart and teaching me valuable lessons. God really is in all the details. Through this He taught me that He is always there to provide our every need, that we must stay busy cause there's lots of work yet to be done and that even when the going gets tough..we can still find beauty (optimism). Our butterfly continue to come and delight with it's beauty right outside our window. She has nwo become a faithful friend of ours! Just wish we could bring her inside and make her our pet!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is It Normal?

The other day I sat in the living room with Karina and noticed my husband busy in the kitchen. He had mentioned that he wanted to snack on something and I was so intrigued with what that snack could be. I went down a list of ideas he could consider such as ritz crackers, carrots, rice cakes, peanut butter & jelly sandwhich etc. Question: Is is ok to have postpartum cravings? BUT for the husband? Let me go ahead and show you what I'm talking about:

Ingredients: bread, bananas, peanut butter & whip cream

I seemed to have inspired him with the peanut butter & jelly sandwich suggestion hahaha! They do tell me that I've inspirational;D

He came over and sat so happily next to us with his creation. All I had to say was, "Wow, you got really creative" lol

He looked so cute eating his "sandwiches". I was totally amused! I am still wondering it normal to have postpartum cravings?...for the new daddy?:}

UPDATE: A couple days ago he had the same "sandwhich" except he added cookies...hahaha..I guess he needed a lil crunch!