Friday, May 29, 2009

Whose Approval Do You Seek???

We tend to define ourselves in terms of relationships which sometimes causes us focus too much on what we hear. What we hear we take to heart. We are sensitive to voices and tones and give so much authority over our hearts to what we hear from others. We allow others to put us down or to try to change us. Sometimes they don't even mean any harm but we get hurt along the way. Danger is, we base our lives on this unreliable emotional rollescoaster.

We need to realize that people are 100% unable to fully quench our thirst. Cheri Gregory, the speaker at our women's retreat back in march did this really neat activity to help us visual learners fully graps this: She placed 7 empty bottles up front and gave us small sheets of papers. The bottles were labeled: Spouse/Significant other, Children, Parents, Teachers, Friends, Boss, Strangers. She then told us to write down comments that were made to us or about us that were really hurtful. We were to go to the front and put the comments in the corresponding labeled bottles. They quickely filled was really touching to see the hundreds of hurting words we all carried in our hearts on a daily basis. It was a wake up call for most of us. It brought us to tears to see how we've lived our lives trying to please the wrong crowd and carrying this heavy load in our heart. We started to feel freedom as we surrendered these chains before the Lord!!!

Then Cheri proceeded to grab a red bucket "our heart" and pour the folded papers "water" into the buckets. The bucket was filled yet remained empty. You see, if we base our identity on what others say, we will NEVER be filled.

According to some people in our life, we are not good enough, we are not pretty enough, wealthy enough, responsible enough, popular enough, talented enough, smart get the picture. You can't please them no matter what you do or say. You have to go out of your way to fit in, to be liked. You just simply can't be yourself. Is there something wrong with this picture or what? We seek to quench our need for approval. This is something I would struggle with growing up. The more I fix my eyes on the Lord though, the less I let others define how I'm going to feel. God is the only one who is going to tell me how I am to feel and how I am to see myself. He is my creator, He knows me, loves me, accepts me for who I am and helps me be a better person. He knows our hearts and He created us beautifully, with His very own hands, with special gifts, in avery UNIQUE way!!! God wants to be the LIVING WATER that quenches YOUR heart. He says in His word:

"Jesus answered and said to her, whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into evelasting life. The woman said to Him, Sir give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw. John 4:3-15

God wantS to be the one we come to, the One we seek for approval. We need to remember that we are hear to serve and honor HIM. Others will let us down but our Lord will never leave or forsake us! What helps me stay focused is when I tell myself that I am here to please an aundience of ONE! I want God to be the one that comforts me and speaks into my heart. God does put people in our lives to uplift us, to give a word of encouragement and that's such a blessing to have BUT the minute we put these people ahead of the Lord...we will once again start giving them authority over our heart. Truth is...the only voice worth hearing is JESUS CHRIST!

The Lord says: "Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. And let your soul delight in abundance. Incline your ear and come to me. Hear, and your soul shall live. And I will make an everlasting covenant with you. The sure mercies of David"
Isaiah 54-2b-3

I want to incline my ear and listen to God whisper wonderful things. He wants you to live abundantly, not according to how society, your neighbor, friend, sibling says. He has created you before you were even in the womb. He wants you to have freedom in knowing that you are very special to Him.

The Lord wants to transform you, uplift you, protect you, restore you, encourage you, mold you and simply love YOU!!! Fix your eyes on Him and patiently wait to hear Him speak to you as you seek to become more and more like the Proverbs 31 woman He wants you to be. He wants you to be His princess...He wants to be YOUR KING!!! That is my desire, to depend solely on Him and seek His approval.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

On this Memorial Day....

Memorail day is a day of family gatherings, stores filled with people hoping to make it to the good deals first, BBQ's, parties, food, fun, sporting events but lets not forget those who paid a high price in order for us to enjoy the freedom we are blessed with today. The Lord has a purpose for everyone's life and He chose these brave men to fight and lay down their life with only one goal in protect us. We have many soldiers still fighting for us and even more training. Many times we tend to forget these men and women who are sacrificing time away from home to serve their country. Let's nto forget, first, the blood that was shed on that rugged cross for our sins to give us eternal freedom and second lets not forget the blood that was shed on the battlefield to give us earthly freedom. These are God's chosen warriors!

I myself am an Army wife. When I married my husband, I married a US Army soldier. I never thought I would become a military wife but God had big plans for my life! It is such an honor to be married to a soldier. Yes, it has it's tough side such as deployment, long hours, time away from home training or like my friend over at Reflections from a Christian Mommy Writer says it: involuntary separation from our spouses, we also can feel a little lost because we feel that our civilian friends don't quit understand what we go through, BUT let me tell you...the honor of being a military wife surpasses all of it. My husband told me the other day that he feels that His calling from God is to be a soldier. He said that he didn't joined for the money because for a 20 yr old he was making pretty good money at his previous job, he didn't join for the college education because he wasn't really interested in going to college.....he says he joined because it's what he feels he needs to do. He serves his country with pride and honor. Somtimes I catch him starring out to the backyard. I ask him what is running through his mind..he says that he is thinking about all the new soldiers that joined recently and feels that part of him feels the need to fight by their side. When he woul first tell me this I felt a little puzzled thinking that his desire should be to be by my side as his wife but the more I talk to him the more the Lord reveals to me my husband's true heart. He is an amazing human being, always looking around to see how he can help someone, he is stepping to the plate and working hard to be the spitiual head of our home. Together we are studying the Bible with the desire for God to reveal wonderful things to us and to know Him more. He's never missed a day of work since I met him (5 years) even with 102 fever. He desires to be with me, to care for me, to make memories together and hopefully soon to start and raise a godfearing family but he also has the heart of a warrior who wants to protect his family, defend his country and fight with great honor like King David in the Bible he says..he wants to carry his cross and come home victoriously! God has givien him the spirit of a warrior! That's my hero! I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

This is how defines a soldier:
1.a person who serves in an army; a person engaged in military service. enlisted man or woman, as distinguished from a commissioned officer: the soldiers' mess and the officers' mess.
3.a person of military skill or experience: George Washington was a great soldier.


This is what I think of my husband:

4.a person who contends or serves in any cause: a soldier of the Lord.


In honor of our fallen heroes, for those who are fighting and for those who are to take their place..... I also want to honor those who are stationed here in the US such as recruiters. You are all an inspiration!!!

In honor of all the strong wives behind these great men! We tend to get overlooked as well but I believe God has a special place in His heart for military wives. He knew we had the strength to stand by our husband's side. We have been chosen! I meditate while I watch this video asking the Lord to guide us in our journey because deployment could be in our near future. My husband is waiting to hear back from the general to see if they want him to go back to infantry (frontline). It can be a bit scary but I am reminded that the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear and that he urges me to be still. I plan on fixing my eyes on my Lord, trusting that He is in control and being the loving and supportive wife my husband needs through deployment if that's what the Lord's will is for us. To all the military wives......

I challenge you to take a momment this Memorial Day to thank the Lord for these great men and women!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Immediate Prayer Request

On my "Await My Arrival 2009" post I talked about baby Josiah who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome...the left ventricle of his heart is underdeveloped. Erin, his mommy had a scheduled c-section this morning over in Charleston, SC so Josiah is finally here!!!

PLEASE pray for him as the doctor are preparing to operate on his little heart to create an new passage for the flow of blood since they can't repair his left ventricle. It's so hard to believe that a tiny baby can endure such drastic surgery BUT Josiah is in God's hands who is the perfect doctor and He will be right by his side! Josiah's full name is Josiah Nathaniel which means... The Lord has healed/Gift from God....PERFECT name and I totally believe that God will pull him throuhg!!!

* This is the last update from his daddy Nathan: just got an update from the lab, and Josiah is stable. They are in position to break through the atrial septum

* UPDATE: from Nathan's updates: Josiah's heart cath was a success! They were able to make a hole he needed. We might be able to see him soon. we seem to be over one incredibly large hump, but keep praying. This is an uphill battle, and an emotional roller coaster...

* UPDATE: from Nathans updates: Josiah is sick, but he is on the med. Right now he is on a venti
lator and 16 different drugs I counted. He has 2 nurses monitoring him alone for the next 24-36 hours.
Ultimately we are waiting for his body to heal from a very complex and difficult 5 hour procedure he underwent today. Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is a very special day for our family!!! It's my sweet sister in law Veronica's birthday! She is my husband's oldest sister. We don't get to see each other much but when we do we like to talk and talk and talk oh yeah and laugh LOL! She's very motherly, has 5 beautiful children and one princess on the way! The Lord listened to their prayers and blessed them with the desire of their heart...another little girl!!! God is so good! Last year, we had the honor of getting to see her right around her birthday and this year we'll get to give her her birthday hug on memorial weekend. They live in San Diego about 6 hrs from us. Veronica has been a true blessing in my life! She took me into her heart as soon as her brother showed her a picture of me and showered me with little love notes and pictures so I could feel part of the family! She took time out of her precious schedule to call me accross the country and warm me with her words of encouragement when my husband was away at trainings and when we married and I felt a little home sick.

Sis, I hope you have a beautiful day! I hope the Lord showers you with His love and continues to give you the desires of your heart! May the Lord guide you through another year as you serve Him faithfully. I hope to have you many, many, many years more!!! Thank you for being so sweet and for always praying for us! See you soon, Lord-willing! LOVE YOU!!!

This is her with her dad one year ago...isn't this adorable???

She is such a strong woman of God and shows the Lord so much gratitude!

This is her oldest son...Miguel, he's a strong young man of God and very loving!

This is her beautiful dagther Karizma...she's very motherly!

This is her second son..Walker, this is our tradition to take a close up, we do it every time we see each other. He loves his Tia Chuchan! He's very bright like his brothers!

This is her third son Christian w/brother Walker...he's very sweet and loves to hug!

Christian has such a gentle spirit and a sweet smile!

This is her fourth son Zachary with his Tia Chuchan!

Zachary loves to smile...check out the huh? There's Veronica's husband Tim! He's a strong man of God and works hard to provide for his beautiful family!

patitas Pictures, Images and Photos

Isabella Grace..their beautiful gift from God is due to be born June 10...she's almost here and we are looking forward to holding her and smothering her with kisses!

A bouquet of flowers for you my Sis! Have a beautiful day!!!
Love, Manny & Susan

A bunch of flowers for you. Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Mommies In My Life!

On this belated Mother's Day, I just wanted to take some time to honor some of the b eautiful mommies in my life.

Thank You Lord for one fo the strongest women I've ever beautiful mami! She was a single mom of 21 when she had me. Never thought about giving me up she says. She knew she had had fight for me even if society/culture/some family looked down on her. She never focused on what others had to say..she simply embraced her beautiful pregnant belly and loved me. She has worked full time jobs some times even two full time jobs since I've known her to provide for me and for my 4 other siblings. The Lord has blessed her with an amazing man of God whom I love as my dad. My mom amazes me, she never gives up, fights for what she wants, protects us with her life and soul, ALWAYS reminds us thast we need to seek and obey God. I love the beautiful woman of God she's turned into. My mom has always had an encouraging word for me, tells me to keep my head up, cheers me on, reminds me that I can conquer the world with the Lord's help. She's not a quiter! My mom is one of my best friends, I can talk to her about so many things and fell understood and nurtured. She inpires me to care for my husband and my home. It so cute to catch myself doing things I saw my mom doing for my dad growing up. I hope to continue to be more and more like her. I love how we can be miles apart and still have the special bond we've always had. What I love the most is how humble and dedicated she is to her family, her husband and but most important to her GOD!!! She loves the Lord in such a special way! She always pray for me and for my marriage! Mami you're my angel!

Thank you mami for loving me, for not giving up on me, for choosing life, for having me regardless of the cirscumstance and for always being there for me. Thank you for coming to my rescue and sharing your wonderful recipes when I want to surprise my husband with a wonderful meal. You are an inspiration to the world, to me, my sisters and hopefully one day to my beautiful daughters! Thank you for always being there for me!!! I miss cuddling with you..of falling asleep on your lap while you talk on the phone for hours. I still remember telling you at age 4 that when you died I was going to die with you. I also still remember the many lullabies you sweetly sang to me.

(This is us at my 3rd birthday...she threw me a party at's always been a fun mom and I LOVE HER!!!!)

(Here we are at my 29th birthday in Costa Rica...they say we look alike....waht do you think???)

I also want to thank my God for my beautiful grandmother Cecilia. I did a post on her for her birthday. She's simply amazing!!!! She has the biggest heart ever. Love you Abuelita:D My step grandma Ada is on the left...she's very young looking huh? She has a very soothing, gentle voice. Don't see these two ladies much but when I do I am smothered with hugs and kisses!

Thank you Lord for my paternal grandmother Beliza. Many people don't know her but she's a sweetheart! She hugs me and wishes time stood still. Every time she sees me she looks into my eyes, caresses my face and wants to cry. She's such a blessing!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with the best mother in law in the world!!! She never ceases to remind me that I am a daugther to her. I call her mom not because I feel liek I have to but because she's earned my respect and has truly loved me like a daughter. I've learned so much from her and she loves to thank me for loving her son so much. She tells me that knew the first time she heard my voice that I was the one God had for her son! She cried and cried when she first heard my voice. She opened her heart and her arms to me the minute she saw me. She is one of ths strongest Christians I've ever met along with my mami. Our children are going to have the best grandmas int he world!!!

Thank you Lord for the special gift of my sister! She's celebrating her very first mother's day! I love to hear all about the way she loves her son and cares for him. She just recenlty had to get a job and is doing it to help her husband provide but deep down I know she truly misses her 4 month aold baby. I truly admire her for doing this because it's not easy but it's a sacrifice that many mommies have to make. I love seeing my sister as a's so sweet!

Thank you Lord fo rmy sweet sister in law Veronica! She is such a wonderul mommy of 5 almost 6 beautiful children. She always looks for ways to better her herself, her home, her family in order to honor and glorify the Lord. She's been such an amazing example. I've learned alot from her specially when it comes to caring for her kids. She is the big sis I've always wanted to have. She's very thoughtful and has a way of always helping me remember the beauty in my life. She celebrates with me when I'm blessed and knows how to comfort me when life gets a lil tough!

(The pics above and below are with my sweet Sis in law Veronica in San Diego....we have so many special memories together)

Thank you Lord for all my wonderful friends. They are sweet kisses from You!!! Each and every one of them have taught me something about motherhood. They love the Lord with all their heart and encourage me to serve Him! They have shown me that you don't need to be blood to be sisters. Together we have build special memories and endured many trials. But we always remind each other to smile in adversity because we are daughters of the King!!!! These are very strong mommies!









Thank You Lord for my very good friend Lisa. She is very special because the Lord brought her into my life to help me with so many areas in my life. We are both prayign for each other because we've been trying to conceive. The Lord is so good and brings people into our lives who understand how we feel and what we long for. We have had countless heart to hearts about our spiritual walk and the way the Lord givers us strength as we await the desire of our hearts..a baby! We've also lost our granfathers so we gave each other alot of encouragement. I tell her that she's my soul sister because we go through the same things together. God definitely know how to take care of His children!

Last I want to thank God for a brand new group of women in my life, my blogger buddies! With your blogs and sweet comments you have blessed my life like you have no idea. You are beautiful, strong women of God and I admire that in you. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing if with me, I am honored to be able to follow your blogs. You are all my sisters in Christ.

ALL these beautiful women have blessed my life in a very special way! They represent strength, devotion, submission, hope and encouragement. I am truly honored to
have each and every one of you in my life. I pray that I can bless your life the way you've blessed mine! You are all sweet kisses from my Lord!!! Love You<3

@-]---- A red rose for You!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Await My Arrival this 2009

Spring brings in beautiful flowers, cool sunny days, parks filled with children's laughter, lawn mowers mowing away, pretty butterflies, singing birds. So much beauty BUT God has something even more beautiful in store at least for this spring...babies! There's been two times in my life when I've been blessed with the opportunity of being surrounded by not one, not two not even three but many expecting mommies! Below is a list of the many pieces of Heaven coming this year. What a great joy! It's such a blessing to be surrounded by women who's faces are glowing and are smiling from ear to ear as they await the arrival of a precious gift from God's hand! The other time was back in fall 2007 as we threw a a babyshower for three of my friends/classmates! I had 6 other women in my life who were pregnant! There's something unique this time around though....did u notice???? This must be the year of the girls!!! God has also answered prayers...He knows the desires of our heart! God loves His children and He shared His passion in His Word:

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth.
Blessed is the man
who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame
when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

—Psalm 127:3-5

These are all the beautiful babies/answered prayers God has or is creating in far

* Irene - Isaiah Pastor (our nephew) - born January 9, 2009

* Ani - Gabriela Isabelle - born April 5, 2009... desire = hoped for a baby girl

* Stephanie - Cassidy - born April 2009... desire = a baby after several miscarriages, miracle baby

* Laurel - Myles (adopted from Rwanda) - held him for the first time May 2, 2009... desire = to become a mommy

* Vanessa - baby boy born March 2009

*Brandi - Selah - due May 27, 2009...desire = to have a baby girl (they already have two boys)

* Erin - Josiah Nathaniel - due May 26, 2009 desire = to have a baby boy (they have two girls) Baby Josiah has a heart condition and docs say he will need 3 surgeries after birth BUT I am praying for a miracle, for complete healing before he's born!

* Veronica - Isabella Grace (my niece) - due June 10, 2009... desire = baby girl (they have 4 boys and 1 girl and wanted another princess)

* Brooke - due in June 2009

* Ann- Madison Jane - due June 18, 2009 - she also has 5 cousins who are expecting, all girls... Ann's desire = a second baby (she has a 9 yr old so they tried to conceive for 8 yrs and endured 2 miscarriages...8 yrs later they are expecting their baby girl!)

* Lupita (our cousin) - Daniel Jr. and Emily (twins) - due July 2009... desire = to have 4 kids (she has two older kids and God is blessing them with two more at the same time:D

* Chelsey - Gabriella Christine - July 2008

* Mayte - due November 2009...desire = to have a baby after trying for a while

* Kat - just found out - due in December 2009

* Natalie - due in December 2009 desire = to have more children and God is making that happen

* Maria - just found out - due Decmber 21, 2009

* Sandy's daughter to conceive - she miscarried in Dec. 2008..desire = they hope that this is the year the Lord has chosen for her!

I want to make a point in my life to pray for others. We are to be selfless as we serve God and think of others. God layed in my heart to pray for these babies. I will be praying for them during the month of May! If you know of other babies I can pray for let me know. It's so important to pray for our children even for the unborn because the world (satan's) goal is to go after them. But I will pray that they become warriors of Christ and make a difference in God's kingdom. Each baby is born with a mission in life! I will also be praying for the parents so they are strengthened and become wise in the Lord as they raise their beautiful child. This is tomorrow's generation! Thank you God blessing these families with a little piece of heaven"

Here's are some of the cuties:

My beautiful nephew Isaiah! taken last month..he's almost 4 mos. green eyes haven't changed!!! He's the first baby in our family and we're so in love with him!

Gabriela Isabelle, her daddy is like a brother to me...we've known each other for 17 yrs so she's like a niece!

Cassidy was such a wonderful miracle God had in store for Steph and Clint. After several miscarriages, countless surgeries, and doctors saying they wouldn't conceive here we see God's power and His faithfulness to His promises! She arrived a lil early but well taken care of!

border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5332124505334482258" />


This is Josiah Nathaniel when he was a little younger in his mommy's womb. They have a scheduled C-section for May 20 at 8am. Josiah has a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Symdrome - the left side of his heart is under developed. The doctors want to operate on him right after he's birth and then do two more surgeries a few months later. I am praying for complete healing....for a MIRACLE!!! Please keep the Wilsons in your prayers. Baby Josiah is in God's hands!!!!

(Here he is smiling the day his parents were given hope that he wouldn't die since previously they had told them that most unborn babies with this symdrome don't make it..that smile was God's reassurance that Josiah would make it!!!!)