Friday, October 30, 2009

I am back and feeling very blessed!

Hello my dearest friends and family!

I pray my post finds you blessed! We made it safe and sound to Orlando, Florida and were sweetly welcomed by our family. The very next day we begin our search to settle in and God has been more than gracious! By that following frinday the Lord had blessed us with new cell phones, an apartment, a car a job for Manuel and the Lord has provided a very nice family to rent our house in California! We are simply amazed to see how God is so faithful! We knew that this would be a big change for us starting over but we also knew that God was in complete control and that we just needed to obey and allow Him to take care of all the details. He is more than faithful when you surrender to Him!

I want to take the time to thank you my bloggy friends for all your prayers and wonderful wishes during this time of change. God has heard them and has taken good care of us! Thank you for your love!!!

We are now enjoying our new home and settling in quiet well. Having our family close by is very sweet! We are still looking for a church so please keep us in your prayers that we find the church the Lord has for us! Oh and Lord-willing a week from today we'll find out what we're having, it will also be our 5th wedding anniversary that day!!!! We're so excited....we'll def let you know the big news!

Here are a few pics of the last days in California:

(Here with my mini me Niki...every time her mom says a friend is coming..she thinks it's me...she loves me!)

(our good friends Jen n Rico treated us to a dilicious dinner)

(I am pictured here with the wonderufl ladies from the Leadership Team of the Women's Ministry which I was part of....they also treated me to a delicious lunch)

(I am here with one of my very good friends Irene who is like a big sister to me)

And a few pictures of our first days in Florida:

(Our beautiful nephew Isaiah with my sis/his mom Irene)

(This little guy brings the fmaily so mich joy)

(I am here with my other sis Gaby who is so happy ti have me close again)

(My youngest brother Jimmy with my hubby Manuel....they are like brothers!)

(My mami is so happy to have us close again and is so excited to meet her grandbaby)

(I love my abuelita (grandma) so much..she's been an inspiration and has a huge heart)

(Isaiah is quite a character hahaha)

(We love this little guy so much..hadn't seen him since his birth)

(How bout them beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes?!?!?)

Fresno, CA will always have a special place in our hearts! We do believe that God brought us here for reasons yet unseen. We are excited to see what Go dhas in store and are ready to be used for His glory!

God bless you my wonderful bloggy friends n are a true blessing

The Reyes Family

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MIA just for a bit...

Hello my very sweet bloggy friends and family! Time to start our journey to Florida is getting closer. Wanted to let you know that today will be my last day with internet access until next friday. Just didn;t want you to think I disappeared hahaha. I will keep you guys posted once we arrive. THANK YOU for all your prayers, words of encouragement and good wishes! You guys are the BEST<3 Feel free to leave me comments..I promise I'll get to them:D I pray you are blessed this coming week.

Love lots,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Sweet Blessing

The other day I was dong my usual blogging and started checking out other blogs..I love to connect with others and make new bloggy friends so I always have a blast reading all these neat blog. I came accross a "BABY BLOG SAWP" and thought it was the neatest idea! It didn't take me long to enter my blog and soon after got an email from Kelly. I am so happy I joined! I was matched up with Brandy. She has a beautiful baby boy named Grayson:D I got to know her while reading through her blog. It's so neat when you take the time to get to know someone. I turly enjoyed shopping for her and her baby boy! I was so eager to bless them! She in return blessed me immensenly.

I waited with great anticipation for my package. Every time I saw a UPS truck I thought, "Ooohh is it for me, is it for me" hahaha! I was doing some cleaning when all of a sudden I heard the doorbell...I ran to the door and this is what I found at my door:

I coulnd't open it fast enough:

Brandy made this card for me...ins't it nice?

These were my goodie inside:

* A neat baby blanket with Sesame Street ABC's
* Matching blocks that her baby boy loves to play with and that Brandy thought our
would also love
* I even got a treat: Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You Lotion and Body Wash..they
they smell so good!

This is the other side of the's soooo soft..I want one for me:

THANK YOU so much Brandy for your sweetness and for blessing us! We totally love the gifts and will enjoy them lots!

Friday, October 2, 2009

~*~ 2 Months ~*~

Ya might be thinking that I should be further along? are totally right. I am just a little behind on my blogging. We are already 3 month...3 months and 5 days to be exact but I wanted to share a little bit about our 2nd month and the doc's visit. It's been really neat because every time we've turned a month, we happen to be vacationing in a different place....all very beautiful and peaceful! It's becoming a tradition and it wasn't even planned that way...I call it a blessing! The first month we went to Pismo Beach and had a picnic right on the beach.

Four our second month we had the blessing of going down to San Diego and spending time with my husband's family whom we love off course! They made our celebration even more special..I'll have to fill you in on this one later;D Not only did we get to embrace our preggy belly but our family showered me with so much love and couldn't get enough of my belly themselves. It was even more special because we got to meet our beautiful niece Isabella for the first time. She was a delight!

I am the proud Tia of this beautiful princess Isabella Grace<3

Here she is with her proud mama cherishing every bit of time she has with her baby girl!

Since we will be accross the country for the rest of our pregnancy my siter-in-laws wanted to see me with my "belly" so we headed to the mall, to Motherhood to be exact and this is what they so desired to see:

I loved seeing all of the smiles and shining eyes as they witnessed a little glimplse of what the near future holds Lord-willing!

On the actual day, we went to church with my wonderful in-laws and sister-in-law and they blessed us 3 with a delicious Italian buffet for lunch....if you ever have the chance to visit San Diego ya have to stop at this restaurant it's fantabulous!!! *Don't remember the remember? But I can get it for you if you need it.

I even got an awesome treat hmmmmmm.....

My wonderful in-laws blessed me with a special gift...

Maternity clothes!!!! I was so excited and I truly appreciate what they've done for us!

My very sweet sis-in-law Veronica had so many blessings for us including this very hip maternity very first one..YEAH! Oh and this wonderful Pregnancy journal that I truly enjoy filling out! Thanx're super sweet<3

Every day that passes by....every pregnancy conversation...every gift makes it more and more real to us. We are truly amazed at God's infinite power and faithfulness to His promises!

See the button my Sis gave me... it's reads "Mommy-to-be" she passed it down to me and I will wear it with love at my babyshower in two weeks!

We were so thankful with the Lord for allowing us to share this time with our family! It was a blessing from above! Our baby will be surrounded by so much love and many primos (cousins) to play with who eargerly await it's arrival.

On our way home we just had to have the best frozen yogurt in the world....The Yogurt Mill...another place you have to visit...

I had the Strawberry and Peach Sherbert....The Best!!!

Even daddy-to-be joined in the fun:D

The day we went to the Mall in San Diego, my sweet husband blessed me with my very first maternity jeans! They are soooo comfortable! I might look tiny but that belly is growing beautifully:D

And 2nd month doc visit:

I've talked abotu my wonderful Nurse Dawn! I finally got a picture of her and I wanted to share with you. She has been part of our journey to conception...a 3 yr journey and she's been AMAZING! When you are facing trying times where you need to hold on to the Lord and persevere...there's nothing sweeter than having a physician who truly cares by your side. My Dawn was the one who gave me the big news and I'm so glad she had the honor. throughtout our journey, she's held my hand, came in on her day off to do a procedure for us, took the time to educate us, geniunly looked in my eyes, shared my pain, gave me hope, cheered me on, and shared my joy when "We did it" as she says! She gave me a high five and a BIG hug! She truly cared:D I'm gonna miss my Dawn....I even told her to transfer to Florida where she had family hahaha! She's been a blessing from Above. Here she Dawn!

Last but certainly not least...our pride and joy....our beautiful baby:

Measuring right where it needs to be! With a heart rate of 167! YES....this doc visit was very, very special because for the first time we heard our baby's heart! It was truly amazing....definitely one of the best moments of my life..we both choked up and I got the giggles cause I was overwhelmed with joy!

"Hi everyone....I'm loving it in here but I can't wait to meet YOU"

It was the cutest thing moves like there's no tomorrow doing cart wheels, flips and it even has some very cool dance moves hahaha! Looks like it's going to love music like it's momma!

Thank you all who have been praying and continue to do so! This Tuesday we will be having our 3rd doc's visit and we're so excited to see our baby again. I can stare at that monitor all day long! I will continue to keep you posted on our progress! Please keep my cousins Marcela and Tatiana as well as my good friends Shey and Yamileth in your prayers...they are also expecting babies in 2010...back to will be really cute to see our babies!

Love....The Reyes Trio<3