Thursday, September 17, 2009

My 25 Firsts.....

25 Firsts...
Jen at did this survey and I enjoyed getting to know here it goes......

"My 25 Firsts"

1. Who was your first prom date? ~ I only went to prom once, for my senior year, and my best friend Veronica and I decided to go together as friends since we had just gotten out of relationships. We had a blast!

2. Do you still talk to your first love? ~ All the first love is Jesus Christ!!!

3. What was your first alcoholic drink? ~ I've never had alcohol, beer, wine nothing. It was something I chose not to do at a very young age. Never have and never will. It's a personal conviction and I stand behind it 100%.

4. What was your first job? ~ I worked my summer at a Private Industry Council program for teens since my 7th grade summer. We got paid $100 a week..not bad for a 14 yrs old huh? My first real job was at Walgreens as a cashier and then a photo was lots of fun!

5. What was your first car? ~ Oh boy...I was prob the only one on the road with a 1993 Pontiac Lehmans LOL. People always seemed amazed to see one was my first car at 17..I wasn't too picky lol.

6. Who was the first person to text you today? My little sis Tati telling me she took she foreign language test. I prayed for her last night and I know she passed it!

7. Who was the first person you thought of this morning?~ My hubby, who forgot to put the alarm for work and was running late...he's not in trouble though lol.

8. Who was your first grade teacher? ~ Maestra Maria Isabel... in Costa Rica....boy was she strict but I liked structure...just wished she had a lil more of a sense of humor.

9. Where did you go on your first flight in a plane? ~ from Costa Rica to Orlando, Florida when we can to live for one yr. I was 2 yrs old and still remember some of it.

10. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?~ Their names were Karen and Cindy in, they are back in Costa Rica. Haven't seen them since 2nd grade but my mom ran into Cindy's mom a couple months ago!

11. Where was your first sleepover? at my cousin Marcela's house...2 houses down...we would sleep in the same bed....boy would she kick but it was always fun!

12. Who was the first person you talked to today?~ My hubby as we laughed on the phone for getting away with murder with his tardiness lol...cause he's "Mr. Reyes" he says lol

13. Whose wedding were you in for the first time?~ my cousin's and his wife's, I walked along with my cousin Marcela holding her dress....there's a pic somewhere I need to get a hold of it and make a copy...Ii was about 5.

14. What was the first thing you did this morning?~ well, being pregnant you can almost guess and guess right...went number 1 lol......never fails:D

15. What was the first concert you went to? ~ Oh boy....ummmmmI went to see Jaci Velazquez and Plus was awesome!!!

16. First tattoo? ~ Don't have any and never plan on getting one....again personal conviction.

17. First piercing? ~ My ears when I was 3 yrs old

18. First foreign country you went to?~ The USA..when I was 2

19. First movie you remember seeing?~ I know I saw others before this but I vividly remember seeing my first two movies in English....Alvin and the Chipmunks and Commando back in 1989..good movies!

20. What state did you first live in? ~ Florida

21. Who was your first room mate?~ My Chihuahua Bobby lol..he loved laying next to my feet as I did my homework....I lived with my parents until the day I got married so never had a real roommate.

22. When was your first detention?~ I only got like 2 but they were silly, for talking and it was in friend and I both got one and we were let out like 5 minutes later lol. Told you it was silly...

23. Nancy didn't have a 23 but I'm going to add my own...
When was your first kiss?~ Summer of 7th was horrible lol...nothing like my hubby's kisses!

24. What are some things you would learn, given the chance? ~How to ballroom dance, how to bake and decorate really cool cakes, write great music, play the piano really good and the violin, sing with a beautiful voice, take amazing pictures of nature, Italian and improve my Portuguese! Get a Cricut and make amazing projects with it! Plant a beautiful rose garden so I can have beautiful roses to look at through my window!

25. Who will be the next person to post this?~ I have no idea....but will love to read their answers!

This Gives Me Strength!!!

This song, as well as a few others, has a special place in my heart. God has used this song so much in my life to bring me back to HIM! Back in 2001, one night during a youth service at church I felt overwhelmed with "life", had so much on my mind, nothing seemed to be going like it was "suppose" to and I felt helpless. I needed Him...I needed my God, whom I'd know since I was 9 and would always come to my rescue. While the youth service continued, I walked outside and sat in tears in the parking lot feeling so weak. I immediately felt the Lord's voice telling me to look up to the Heavens and I felt HIS presence. My friends..other than the day I got saved, this was an experience out of this world...I felt His arms embrace me, He held my head up and this is the song that I began to sing as He started to fill me with strength! I will never forget what happened in the cold, dark parking lot outside that church during youth service. My faith was renewed and once again..I could fly high on wings like eagles. I pray that you too experience the Lord the way I did and continue to. It's my favorite place to be....hiding underneath HIS wings!!!

I pray that this ministers to you as well......

God Is Calling Us to Trust Him!

I've been a little behind on my blogging but for very good reasons I promise. Seems like alot has happened since we first found out we are expecting! It's incredible how a baby changes your life, even an unborn baby! That is for the better:D

One of the major changes is one that started taking place back in May. They told my hubby who is been an Army Recruiter for the last 4 yrs that he was going to get sent back to Infantry which is his original job in the Army. This led us to get on our knees and start praying, asking God to be in control of our lives, to help us see His will for us and to help us make wise decisions. My hubby totally loves the Army, has served his country with pride and honor for 9 yrs and didn't really mind going back to Infantry which he loved but I think deep down he felt a tug from the Lord to pray harder. We had many conversations over dinner and pretty much started planning to move some time in June. We were seriously considering going to Germany for 3 yrs, through the Army off course. We talked about it constantly and with great excitement. When our good friends, also Army family, left to be stationed in Germany we felt that it was perfect, we'd now have our friends there too! I constantly looked up pictures of what would be the possible cities we'd live in and even did a post a while back to see if people would choose Italy or Germany. We were really excited, had already kinda mentioned it to the family who was also thrilled cause this meant they would get to see Europe with us..yeah it was a big deal around here.

That is, until the Lord brought something even greater into our lives...our miracle baby! We found out in July by total surprise that we are expecting the baby we longed to have for 3 yrs. My friends....Germany is awesome, is beautiful, it adventurous but A BABY??? WOW! It's really interesting because we didn't do much talk about our conviction, we just knew that we were on the same page and felt that it was God's this I mean that Germany would have to wait or that it prob wasn't God's will for us right now because our priority besides the Lord and our marriage was now this unborn little person growing inside of me. No longer we're we making decisions as two people but for 3! So we knew that once again, we needed to get on our knees and ask the Lord for direction. My husband had been doing just that for quit a while on his own. I believe that God has a very special bond with him and speaks to his heart quit a bit. I've seen this quit a bit lately!

Ever since we found out about that baby my husband has been really thinking about things and had an announcement to make to me. We sat on the and he told me that he had made several decisions for our family. My husband is a man of few words so you can imagine how excited I felt to hear him talk his heart out!!!

He told me that he had decided to get out of the Army. Huh..I almost fell out of my seat. Those of you who know my husband, know that the Army means a whole lot to him, he wanted to make it a career, it was very proud to be a soldier. And I've been a very proud Army wife supporting him in all I can. He also announced to me that he has a big desire to go to school and get a degree....ok...this is someone who doesn't even like to for my hubby to say he wants to go to school is huge! Last, he seemed really excited to tell me that he felt it was God's will that we moved. This one stunned me a little because it hit me like a ton of about change hahaha! It was an amazing conversation! He spoke with such authority that honestly it felt as if it were the Lord talking through him. Seeing his excitement allowed me to see that this was the Lord's doing and I honored it! I am supporting him all the way!

See, the picture up above? The white line to be exact? That is what we feel the Lord is telling us to do. We are moving across the country from California to Florida but don't worry...Lord-willig we will be flying. Don't get me wrong, the scenic 3 day drive sounded very exciting, we've done it int he past and it was adventurous but with my pregnancy is something not wise to go for. I do recommend it though if you have the time! We are moving to Orlando, Florida where I was raised and where my family (my parents, sisters, their hubbies, my brother, nephew and my grandma) is living! I've always felt it in my heart that being away is nice, because as a couple you grow, you have each other to rely on and you really mature but I knew that once we had our kids I'd want to be close to our family. I want our kids to have a strong bond with them. Unfortunately we can't be close to both like most couples can...btw..,don't take that for granted because you don't know how good you have it;D My family lives in Florida and his in San Diego, California...yep..God has a sense of humor hahaha! But my hubby wanted to blessed me with the opportunity of being close to my family and the Lord is giving him his heart's desire. I tried to convince my family to move to the west coast but didn't succeed lol.

Our move will most likely take take mid to late in a few weeks. A few very important things need to be taken care of before we go like the house. We do own a beautiful house here which yes I will miss but the Lord will use it to bless another family. We are looking at renting-to-own since we don't want to sell yet. Honestly, this move is bitter/sweet because I will miss out awesome church here where we are really plugged in, our amazing friends, our house, being able to see our family in San Diego lots more and the mountains but I am really looking forward to seeing my family, and being there for my grandma who recently faced her biggest trial..loosing my grandfather. We know that God has a great church waiting for us, people who will also become special to us and many opportunities to come see our family in San Diego, CA. We hope our family and friends here visit often....we're looking for a place with a spare bedroom;D

What seemed to many like a drastic decision, is something that's been in our hearts for a while, something that's been prayed for and something that the Lord has confirmed to us! We are completely amazed to see how God is providing, how He's opening the doors for our move and let me tell you, our faith has grown tremendously because of this. My husband's growth is very evident and I am being blessed by it. I won;t lie to you, change can be a little scary, it's a human thing but when you're solely depending on the Lord to guide you, there's peace inside your heart and you know that all you need to do is TRUST in the Lord! He will be taking us by the hand in this new chapter of our lives. It's a brand new start and we are really excited to see what God has in store for us!

I ask that you please pray for as we embark on this new journey! That the Lord helps my husband find the perfect job, that we find a great family to take over our home, that we have the finances we need to make this happen, that we find a place to live and a great church! Also for our pregnancy, that we have a smooth trip! Our baby will have quite a story to tell....conceived in California, born in Florida hahaha!

Thanx for reading and for always following my blog! Stay tune, I plan on keeping up with my blog a little more! Have a blessed day and thanx in advance for keeping us in your prayers!

thank you for praying Pictures, Images and Photos

Manuel, Susan and Baby Reyes <3

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty Roses

Besides my love for the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ, I enjoy many things and some of them are roses and butterflies...I love them! Red roses and blue butterflies in particular. I actually get teary when I'm in the presence of a rose or a butterfly because they are so beautiful and they remind me of God's beauty and of His beautiful creation. My friend Jenny, who also loves roses and butterflies, blessed me with a comment that lead me to this neat site where I found these beautiful graphics. I wanted to share them with you and hope they too make your heart smile:D These are some of my fav rose images......

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Rose Graphics

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitter Pictures

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitters

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitter

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitters

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitters

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitter Pictures

Glitter Graphics

Rose Glitter

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Rose Graphics