Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Sweet Award For You!

My dearest fellow military wife and new friend Ashley over at Dog Tags & Pearls chose to honor me today with a wonderful award!!! Thanx've blessed my day!

Now I choose my only 15, to bless ya ladies..sending a big hug your way:

The Rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now I choose my 15 (wow only 15 huh) friends in no particular order to bless today...sending a big hug your way:

God brings people into our lives for many reasons with the goal to bless and enrigh our lives! This is how He's used YOU to bless me:

1. Maria over at The Nuzz Acumen - this is my sweet, wonderful little sister Tati...even though you share a blog with your hubby and don't know if he'll want pink roses on his blog..I just couldn't leave you out. I totally love you and I am so thankful with the Lord for blessing me with such an incredible sister! You are such a blessing in my life and now I'm even happier to know that like are an Army Wife!!!! I hope I can be of some help with your new army life. Some say you're following my footsteps..I say "you ought to meet this brilliant god-fearing young woman...she can this world a thing or two" :D I LOVE YOU!!!

2. Jess over at Jessica's World - my lovely twin or better soul've helped me like you'll never know. The Lord always speaks to me right through's unbelievable. Even though we're miles apart...I know you're rotting we move to Arkansas lol, it feels like your right by my side, I feel your pain, your joy and your desire to seek and share the Lord is contagious! I thank God fo rmy twin:D

3. My sis -n-law Veronica at Luv Quiver Full of Arrows - what can I say's so sweet to see what our wonderful family is up to, we feel every bit of emotion you guys feel, you inspire alot of women and you make motherhood seem so easy lol. The Lord blesses me as I read your blog and see that I am blessed with a god-fearing family something many people don't have and wish they did! Seeing you grow spiritually is a sweet blessing from the Lord! You truly know what God wants from you as a Christian mother! So happy with the many wonderful blessings the Lord has given you...I thank God for using your womb to make me a very happy Tia!

4. Sheyenne over at Sean and Shay in California not only do we have the privalegde of going to the same church but we also have the opportunity to share the same kinda love for our Lord! You have very insightful posts and loved to read about your past struggle with your eating disorder...what an inspiration and proof of God's power!!!

5. Kelly over at Remember when we danced - my other twin (as Veronica says), it was sweet to learn of you but even sweeter meeting you in person! It's so neat to see how God can bring two complete strangers and within minutes of talking feel as if they've known each other a lifetime. You have the very same passion I have for's a God-given gift! Thanx for your kindness and sweet words!

6. Sandy over at One Day At A Time - you are not only an amazing woman of God but a wonderful mother. I've learned so much about motherhood through you! Your geniuine smile which shows right through the pics is very soothing and your sweet comments have filled my days with so much joy! Thanx for considering me when you need's an honor to know this! May the Lord continue to use you to love on the beautiful children he's brought to your life!

7. Brooke over at Livin' La Vida Garcia - you were my sis in law's friend and then decided to take a peek at my blog. I am so glad you did because your comments have given me encouragement and streagth to keep running the race! I love to see how you find joy in every little thing that comes your way. Motherhood seems so sweet through your eyes and it's neat to see how you prepare for your bundle of joy....I'm taking notes:D

8. Erin over at Our Family - you are one of my newest friends in blogger world. I was blown away to see how the Lord has taken us on very smiliar paths...I believe that God brings people into your life for a reason. Here I am giving a lil comfort to ease up some of the anxiety with the big move to the west coast while you give me hope as we continue to try for our baby. Seeing your beautiful baby girl gives me alot fo hope that God will also make it happen for us. I hope you know that I am here if you need anything with the move, a word of encouragement, prayer...I've been where you are and know how you feel.

9. Kristilea over at In The Lord's Paths - you were so right Sandy when you said this young woman is such a blessing. Kristilea you are such a sweetheart, I can tell God lives in because you leave so much love on my blog and it blesses me like you'll never know. You seem to be a woman of integrity and that's admirable! I love all the scrapbooking ideas on your blog;D

10. Niki over at Pumpkin County - you swe so beautifully..reminds me of my mommy's sewing! I was so touched when you shared with me that you are a new Christian and the only Christian in your family. This inspired me to reach out to those who are just starting their journey with Christ. It's so neat to see that you really want this relationship with HIM! If you ever need encouragament, prayer, a listening ear I'm hear:D

11. Linda over at The Life and Thoughts of Linda - first thing I thought was..what a beautiful young woman I later learned there's so much more to you... I relaized that you are a fighter! As I learned about the illness you live with, I was so impreassed to see the courage you have to keep moving forward, the drive and determination to finish the race is incredible! Not to forget that you are a fellow military sweet!

12. Lisa over at A Day In Our Blessed Lives - You have one of the cutest familes! One of the things that caught my eye about you was the fact that you mentioned in your blog how you are a family who loves to praise the Lord! That is awesome and that's what I want our family to look like! Seeing your Dinsey pics was so sweet because it reminds me so much of when I worked there! Thanx for sharing those:D

13. Tara over at Family Traditions One Story At A Time - Wow....I totally love your blog my friend! The Lord has turly blessed you with such creativity, so many awesome ideas to encourage family togetherness. I've been writing them down so we can do them with our children one day! I love how you are so passionate with what you do (the books) it's such a neat way to misniter to others. Thanx for telling me about it..still praying!

14. My wonderful friend at Chrsistian Mommy Writer - you are just an amazing writer!!! Your blog are so insightful and you blog about so many different's righ tup my alley because I have an interest in so many different things in life. What I love the most though is how you always take a stand for the Lord! It's so evident! I also love the way you care about those aroudn you, you stand up for what is true and pure especially with you most current posts. You encourageme me to speak my mind about the not conform but to be transformed! You are also an amazing fellow military wife. I've learn so much about your military posts. It;s good to know that they are god-fearing military wives out there!

15. Lindsey over at Learning To Be a Wife - you have some of the cutests posts! I love your sense of humor and reading about all your advendures with your hubby! You make the best out of every situation and that's what the Lord wants us to always the good and the bad. You seem to simply love life and find contentment! I loved the pics of the house...I hope that's the house you end up living in!!!! I totally love the verse you have on your true!

16. Megan over at The Not So Normal Life of An Army Wife - it's been so sweet seeing how such a young, newlywed couple can be so supportive and loving with each other. You are such a strong young woman! We have something in common that comes along with the military.......our first yr of marriage was not your typical first came along with field time, tranining, moves, being away from family and friends and the notion of simply being a military wife. I can totally relate to you as I read your posts when it comes to being an Army wife. The other day I sat and read all your posts about living in Germany and all the info has been so helpful because we know have a good idea of what our future could hold. Thanx for taking the time to posts them! Honestly, God used them to alleviate a lil bit of the anxiety of not know what life in Germany looks like.

17. Amber over at Faith Love and Kids - to start of...I love the song you always brings me to tears because it's such a beautiful song! One thing I noticed about you was that you put on your blog that you are a woman of awesome! I believe it! Thank you for blessing me with your very sweet comments!

18. Sarah Dawn over at Splashing Glory - first of you have one of the cutests blogs..I totally love the unique! I must say though....the one thing I really love about you and your wonerful family is that you guys are faithfully serving the Lord in my country Costa Rica! It's so sweet to know this because there are so many people living without Christ there and God is really speaking through you guys! I still remember the wonderful letter your son read at his choke up as I remember it. It's so amazing to see how spiritually strong your children are! They are God's army!!!

19. Natalie over at Raising Miracles - I am still getting to know you since we've only seen each other a handful of times but I can see that you truly love the Lord! It's been neat seeing how you started this journey not too long ago and are growing each day. God molds us every day and removes every bit of sin little by little to create His wonderful masterpiece who's created in His image. God has put you through some tests that maybe at the time didn't make sense but I feel that now you look back and see that God was at work at the entire time and you are now stronger because of it! Pray that God continues to guide you with this pregnancy and with every dedicion that needs to be made. May the Lord continue to bless your beautiful fmaily!

20. Courtney over at Ubber Thoughts - I totally love what you say on your blog, "I AM A NEW CREATION! I am so grateful to God that He has chosen me, A WRETCH LIKE ME!, to be one of His elect" WOW..what an amazing statement. I love how at only 23, you seem like sure a mature young woman, you speak with such wisdom fromt he Lord and you minister to people like me. The Lord uses you in such a great way! I look forward to learning more about my Lord and Savior through your blog.

21. Jo Princess Warrior over at Princess Warrior Lessons - let me tell have one of the cutest blogs ever, very different, very def. capture essence of who we are..God's Princesses!!!!! Thanx for reminding me that I am Hi princess and that He is totally head over heals for me. Thanx for being real and sharing your stuggle with depression! It takes a strong person to face their deepest struggles. I hope I was able to somewhat help! I hope to continue enjoying your wonderful blog!!!

22. AJ over at Pensice 15 - I know that this award is very girly but I needed to command yo umy friend on your spiritual maturity. I am just blown away to see how strong you are in the Lord! I love how you are not afraid to stand up for the Lord, for what is true and pure. I am striving to be like that because I feel it's the least I can do. Thank you for being an example AJ!

23. Carlise over at Being Carlise: Army Wife, Mom and Girly Girl for Christ - I love your blog says it all! It's so refreshing to come accross an military wife...unfortunately there aren't many of us out there so it's very important we stand up for the Lord even when we stick out like a sour thumb..God needs strong warriors and that's who you are my friend. I love how you mention that God is writing our story with HIS pen! That's exactly what it should be God in complete control of our lives which is why is so important to surrender every bit of us to Him like you mention. Thank You for encouraging me to surrender everything to HIM...I know that if I do this..He will gives us our heart's deepest desire...a baby! Looking forward to your many more posts and getting to know you a little more. So happy that your hubby decided to adopt your beautiful son! Who doesn't love a happy story!

24. My newest friend over at 7th Heaven - I love, I mean I really love your blog! The color, the layout, the pictures, your songs, yours posts....did I mention the pictures of your beautiful family??? God has def. blessed you with a beautiful family! Your kids are so cute! I also love how you take the time to make sure each of your children feels special, your celebrate their triumphs and you help them become who God intended them to be! I've learned quite a few good things about mothering already through your blog! I also love how you want your kids to be familiar with their culture...very neat! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you guys!

**** I hope you like you award...I know the rule was to choose 15 but I just needed to tell all of you how much sweeter my life is to have each and every one of you in my life! THANK YOU!

With love, Susan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not 1 but....

Thank You Lord for blessing my with my fathers. I don't just have one father,I had the privaledge of having 4.

On this father's day I sit back and meditate on the wonderful men who have shaped my life and taught me so much about life.

First, I thank the Lord for my abuelito (grandpa) whom I've called "Papa" since I was 3. This means "father" in spanish. No one told me to call him that, it's the name my heart gave him. He was the only father figure I really had for a while that is until the Lord blessed my mom with a an amazing husband. My grandfather would always say that I was his eyes. He protected me from the world since my mom was a single mom and our culture looked down on her. He even offered my mom to adopt me so I wouldn't be fatherless. What anoble thing to do. You biological father was not in my life at first...we lived with my grandparents. My grandfather was a father to me, he loved me genuinely, we shared so many beautiful moments..moments that are so special to me today because it's all I have left now that he's gone and what I grab onto when I miss him. I smile when I close my eyes and remember him. I thank the Lord so much for allowing me to spend his last days here on earth by his side! I made sure to kiss him lots every single day, morning , noon and night before he died. He died right by my side. I will see him in heaven one very special day! I will never forget the way I felt when you walked me down the isle and gave me away to my beautiful groom! A moment engraved in my heart forever!

The Lord odviously blessed me wih my biological father who I call "Padre". Many don't know him because I didn't grow up with him but he's always been in my life. Due to the circumsatance, him and I don't have that strong bond we could have but when we meet up it's really neat. He hugs me, kisses me and hugs me and kisses me again lol. He is very gentle and I can see myself in him. I know that he'd do anything for me and that he genuinely loves me. I would spend some time with him growing up and as an dult, I've only spent a handful of times with him but it's always sweet.

I want to thank God for bringing into my life a very special "Papi" Jimmy. He took me into his heart at th every young age of 23 when I was only 5 yrs old. The Lord used to speka to me about the importance of knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior. He was the first person to take us to a Christian church and the Lord used him to intoduce me to Christian music which I now love! My dad means the world to me. He may not be my real father but he's earned my love and respect and seeing him love my mom and protect her....makes me love and appreciate him even more! He's worked so hard to provide and to raise us 5 kids in a god-fearing home. Because of what he's done for us, for me, I gave him the honor of marrying was his heartfelt desire. I thank the Lord for blessing my mom with an amazing husband! I couldn't have chosen a better person to stand with me at the altar as I vowed before the Lord to love my groom forever and ever. My dad is someone I look up to because he is a very, very strong man of God!

Last, I want to thank the Lord for my father in law who I call "Dad". He's very fatherly to me. From day one he tells me that I'm a daughter to him. He's always treated me with so much gentleness, we share a love for sweets so I always make a special dessert when my in-laws come visit me or when we go down. He loves it when I try a new's an adventure for him to see what I'm going to bring next. He's also a very strong Christian and he never ceases to pray for us! Knowing him means alos being blessed by the love of my love, his husband!!!

Having 4 fathers bring even more sweetness into my life....4 wonderful families whom I love so much! I am so blessed to have four amazing families. They can't even began to imagine how they've blessed my life.

(family from my grandfather)

(family from my biological father)

family from my stepfather)

(father from my father-in-law)

(and there are many, many more members missing in all 4 families..:D)

I am blessed to have had/have these 4 men in my life!!! I am a better person because of them because the Lord has used them in my life to help me become the person I am today!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Where would you call home????

This is something I've never done in here...a survey! I thought it would be fun and maybe even helpful. You husband got orders to go back to infantry. We've been in Fresno, California for the past 4 1/2 where he's been an Army Recruiter. We are currently waiting for all the paperwork to be done so we can proceed to the next step...choosing our next destination. We are guesstimating to be moving mid-to late summer..latest...early fall. Now this is what we have...we could either choose to move to a base here in the states (we were in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky) maybe in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas or Colorado OR we could choose to go to Germany or Italy!!!! I know:D At first we were like, "wow, we would be so far from home" but we feel that it would be a chance of a lifetime to go on this adventure, my fam says they would def. visit and we could see most of Europe! Maybe even learn a new language:D Oh and maybe even become pregnant and have a baby in cute would that be? A little piece of heaven that would remind us of our adventure! If the Lord's will is that we stay in the states that would be awesome too...I am very close to my family and would love to see them as much as I can and build great memories! Either way I know the Lord has wonderful blessings in store and great plans for us! We are just waiting to see what's available or better see what's God's will for us!!!

OK so just for fun...I would like to see what you would choose, maybe you can even give me some insight (ya might know someone who's been or have been yourself)...

So would it be........




Curious to see what you choose and why.......
*** I also want to take the time to ask you to pray for us. The future seems like a big blur right now but we know that God is working and that He will reveal His will to us in due time. We want to make sure that we make the right decisions in God's eyes...because ultimately...we are here to serve HIM and go wherever He sends us to take our cross and be used by Him!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Flies.....

It seems as if it was just yesterday when I was 6 and my mom came home with a chunky little girl who wanted to be held all the time and loved to smile.

It seems as if it was just yesterday when this little girl loved going grocery shopping with her very own little cart. (The one in pink)

It seems as if it was just yesterday that this little girl was discovering new things and was curious about the world around her.

Now to think that she's a beautiful, strong woman full of of life, full of goals and ready to become the woman God wants her to become. This beautiful girl is my little sister Maria Gabriela (Gaby) who got married to her wonderful husband Mark last month!!! I've always been really close to my sisters and even though we're miles apart (they live in Florida with the rest of my fam)...we've remained close. They wanted to wait to have their wedding when we could be there because she wanted to honor me and make me her matron of honor but things changed a little. You see, my brother in law is joining the Army (so did my cousin...we are becoming a military family) Since he's leaving this year they wanted to do a small ceremony so they could be Mr. and Mrs. before he left to basic training. They hope to do a nice big wedding when he gets back from all his training... if they do Lord-willing we will be there!!! Aren't they one of the cutest couples ever???? Mark was at our weddding, him and my sis were courting at the time. He's been such a blessing to our family! He was right by our side when my dad had cancer for support! They are a perfect match! My sis speaks fluent Italian and he's Italian American! They both love the Lord and strive to be Christ-like. His family took her in like a daughter! I am just so blessed to know that my sis is very happy and fulfilling her dreams next to the man the Lord created for her! I can't wait to have more nieces and nephews!!!!!

Congratulations Tati
Love u lots...Ketchy!



I can't believe how fast my nephew has grown. He is 5 mos. old today! I had the privaledge and honor of being at his birth. I will never forget that amazing experience!!! God's hand was there and He heard our prayers. My sis Irene, didn't need a C-section like the doctors said because God made the way! Even though I don't get to see my nephew lots because he's back in Florida, I gets pictures, videos, and he even talks to me on the phone!!! My family does an amazing job at keeping us posted so we feel as if we were right by his side!

I will never forget this sweet momment!!!!

Here he is with my little sister, his Tia Gaby at her wedding celebration!

Isaiah with his abuelito (grandpa) whom he totally loves! My dad is head over heels with him, he sings to me and tells him that God has a big mission for him and Isaiash smiles big!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Isaiah....we love you lots!!!!