Friday, May 27, 2011

The Music of My Heart

As many of you know, I have always had a passion and some even say and ear for music. It represents so many experiences, emotions, memories, triumphs, all in one. It has always had a special place in my heart. I'd say from birth! My mom says that my first gift when I turned one was a plastic drum that I probably drove her crazy with hahaha! I then got a tambourine that I longed to have, next came a keyboard and last but not least a real organ that my parents got me! My cousin even let me have his old flute at one point. God used music to work in my heart and bring me back to him. He used music to soothe me when I faced some of my toughest trials. He always knows that music is the way to my heart. Now that He's opened my womb, it's no different. Right before conceiving Karina, I heard a very beautiful song for the first time called, "Un Viaje Largo" by Marcela Gandara.

I was totally in love with the lyrics and Marcela's soothing voice. But most important by the closeness I felt to the Lord when I would hear which sometimes meant three, four times a day:D Little did I know that the Lord was preparing the way and our hearts to receive one of the most beautiful news a person can received....that of a new life growing, a miracle so desired and dreamed of. Throughout Karina's pregnancy, the song kept coming up and of course I enjoyed it and sang my heart to it. I then realized that the song was so in tune with the journey it had taken us to Karina. It was meant to be Karina's song. It spoke of my feelings throughout my journey with infertility, it spoke of God's timing and purpose for Karina's life and of the mission He now had for our daughter. So "Un Viaje Largo" is Karina's song!

Well, once we learned of our second miracle, the one I joyfully carry in my womb I wondered if the Lord would give us a song. Honestly, it didn't take long to figure it out because the Lord pointed it right out to me. Like Karina, before I conceived I had heard this very beautiful song and completely fell head over heels for it. I even used it to minister to others who were hurting. Once again it spoke of the journey I had previously taken except this time it mentioned...silent prayers being heard. Does it surprise me that I happened to be fasting/praying the week we conceive? NO! The song also spoke of HOPE! That was the word the Lord had given me for this year. This song summarizes so much of what I felt, endured, went through as I faced infertility....a journey the Lord took me on and wouldn't change for the world. It was very clear to me that this was meant to be this baby's song! My heart rejoices as I see that the Lord gave me a love for music to communicate with me. It's our way of staying connected and I love it. We have a special relationship that's unique and one of a kind!

And now I introduce you to Elijah Israel's song:

~*~ What Faith Can Do ~*~