Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

We've all heard the phrase huh? It's almost always if not always referred to a person and their true, inner character right? Well in my case, I am literally referring to a book but not just any book. I'm referring to the Bible, my precious Bible! I love how the Lord is constantly speaking to my heart and whispers sweet words in my ear even when I am not deserving of them. Which if we think about's always since we had a different destiny but Jesus changed that permanently! Well, after many failed attempts to read my Bible on a daily basis, I always notice something very neat. When I am reunited with my precious, faithful, loving friend my Bible, I always hear the Lord telling me to simply take a good look at it. You see, Satan is always trying to discourage us from reading God's Word because this would be a huge threat to him. Satan even tries to distract us right before opening the Bible....uggghhhh what an ugly creature:\ BUT the Lord is always ready to fight for us and I've seen this in my life. As I am reunited with my good ol friend, I am reminded that we've had a long lasting friendship, that WE HAVE spent many, many hours together, that our time together wasn't a waste of time, that my faithful friend waits to see me come around again even if it takes months, that it's eagerly waiting to bless my life with wisdom, joy, peace and love and that it fights hard to hang on to stay by my side even if it's falling apart. That's right....falling apart! This is what I mean by not judging a book by it's cover:

From the shelf, the coffee table, the back seat of my car and even at church it looks almost like a brand new Bible huh? (aise fromt he faded letters)

Yet you begin to open it and can't help but notice it's not what it seemed like. It's been USED! The writing, the notes, the scripture and the UNGLUED and even fallen pages. Many choose not to write in their Bibles but I have and still do. It works for me! I loved looking through my Bible today at church and realizing the miles it has. Even though it looks old, it's falling apart, it has ripped pages, it's beautiful to me because it's mine from the Lord. It has also stood by my side for many years, it has helped me survive many storms, it has absorbed many tears (both happy and sad), it has even made me smile through those tears and it has loved me just as I am! Oh how I love this old, weary book<3

It is beautiful to me, my gift from the Lord!!!