Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Like Her Mommy!

At the beginning of April, Karina got to go to her very first birthday party. I was still very new at this mommy thing and my hubby had to work so I recruited my lil brother Jimmy who gracious came along and helped me. It was more for peace of mind since I had to drive across town for the first time. The birthday party was for our little friend Gabriela Isabelle (1st bday)who is my really good friend's daughter. Her daddy and I have known each other through church since we were 15 so it was a special event. God blessed us with a beautiful breeze which was good since it was at a park. The theme was....HELLO KITTY!!! Right before we said goodbye, Ani Gaby's mom handed me a Hello Kitty piggy bank and said, "this is for Karina since she doesn't get to have a goodie bag". I thought it was very thoughtful of her to remember Karina! I say €just like mommy" cause as a little girl I totally LOVED Hello Kitty. I mean it was beyond love hahaha! Put it this uncle gave me a Hello Kitty pencil case...the ones that have several compartments remember those? I was very friendly and loved to share BUT this pencil case was totally off limits. No one was allowed to it. It was just that special to me. It was my baby! I then got a Hello Kitty coloring book and I wasn't as protective over it but I still took really good care of it. I colored it, than colored over it and then colored over it some more hahahaha! each page had like 6 layers of crayon hahaha! It was of great joy to see that Karina got her very first Hello Kitty..not only because it brings back great childhood memories but because it reminds me that I am the mommy of a beautiful baby girl!!! Can't Wait to see what her passions will be..or maybe I can wait!!!

Gabriela Isabelle with her mommy and daddy!

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