Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Flies.....

It seems as if it was just yesterday when I was 6 and my mom came home with a chunky little girl who wanted to be held all the time and loved to smile.

It seems as if it was just yesterday when this little girl loved going grocery shopping with her very own little cart. (The one in pink)

It seems as if it was just yesterday that this little girl was discovering new things and was curious about the world around her.

Now to think that she's a beautiful, strong woman full of of life, full of goals and ready to become the woman God wants her to become. This beautiful girl is my little sister Maria Gabriela (Gaby) who got married to her wonderful husband Mark last month!!! I've always been really close to my sisters and even though we're miles apart (they live in Florida with the rest of my fam)...we've remained close. They wanted to wait to have their wedding when we could be there because she wanted to honor me and make me her matron of honor but things changed a little. You see, my brother in law is joining the Army (so did my cousin...we are becoming a military family) Since he's leaving this year they wanted to do a small ceremony so they could be Mr. and Mrs. before he left to basic training. They hope to do a nice big wedding when he gets back from all his training... if they do Lord-willing we will be there!!! Aren't they one of the cutest couples ever???? Mark was at our weddding, him and my sis were courting at the time. He's been such a blessing to our family! He was right by our side when my dad had cancer for support! They are a perfect match! My sis speaks fluent Italian and he's Italian American! They both love the Lord and strive to be Christ-like. His family took her in like a daughter! I am just so blessed to know that my sis is very happy and fulfilling her dreams next to the man the Lord created for her! I can't wait to have more nieces and nephews!!!!!

Congratulations Tati
Love u lots...Ketchy!



I can't believe how fast my nephew has grown. He is 5 mos. old today! I had the privaledge and honor of being at his birth. I will never forget that amazing experience!!! God's hand was there and He heard our prayers. My sis Irene, didn't need a C-section like the doctors said because God made the way! Even though I don't get to see my nephew lots because he's back in Florida, I gets pictures, videos, and he even talks to me on the phone!!! My family does an amazing job at keeping us posted so we feel as if we were right by his side!

I will never forget this sweet momment!!!!

Here he is with my little sister, his Tia Gaby at her wedding celebration!

Isaiah with his abuelito (grandpa) whom he totally loves! My dad is head over heels with him, he sings to me and tells him that God has a big mission for him and Isaiash smiles big!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Isaiah....we love you lots!!!!


kristilea said...

What beautiful pictures! I wish you sister all the happiness she can handle! Thanks for sharing.

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

OH, man, Gaby looks SO pretty!! Congratulations to them both and to your family.

And Isaiah is just too cute, Tia Chuchan! He is a little white boy though, isn't he? How fast they grow. I love the pic with him and his Abuelito.


Jess said...

Great pics and congrats to your sis and happy bday to your cutie!!!

Hope all is well, its good to see you back and im so glad that my story touched you... sometimes it helps just to know you are not alone.

Love you
forever your twin

Amber said...

What a beautiful couple. I wish them the best and for her new husband to be kept safe in the military.

What a cute little guy.


Lindsey said...

LOVE the pics!!! What a beautiful little baby!

Christian Mommy Writer said...

The baby is so cute and I wish your sister many blessings and success on her marriage. By the way, I like your new blog design.

Brenda said...

A beautiful couple for sure. You are blessed. Your nephew is adorable!
God bless.

(army)Wife said...

What awesome pics! Your sister and her husband make such a great looking couple and their dog is so cute. Your nephew is beautiful!

Ruthie said...

Hi! I just noticed today that you started following my blog. Thank you! How did you come across it? Your sister looks beautiful in those pictures. And what a doll of a nephew you have!

God bless you!