Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Gives Me Strength!!!

This song, as well as a few others, has a special place in my heart. God has used this song so much in my life to bring me back to HIM! Back in 2001, one night during a youth service at church I felt overwhelmed with "life", had so much on my mind, nothing seemed to be going like it was "suppose" to and I felt helpless. I needed Him...I needed my God, whom I'd know since I was 9 and would always come to my rescue. While the youth service continued, I walked outside and sat in tears in the parking lot feeling so weak. I immediately felt the Lord's voice telling me to look up to the Heavens and I felt HIS presence. My friends..other than the day I got saved, this was an experience out of this world...I felt His arms embrace me, He held my head up and this is the song that I began to sing as He started to fill me with strength! I will never forget what happened in the cold, dark parking lot outside that church during youth service. My faith was renewed and once again..I could fly high on wings like eagles. I pray that you too experience the Lord the way I did and continue to. It's my favorite place to be....hiding underneath HIS wings!!!

I pray that this ministers to you as well......


Alicia said...

I love that the Lord meets us wherever we are at!! He is the only one who is able to lift us up like that!!

Oh..and I love the Katinas too!

Jess said...

wonderful...just wonderful

love you sis.