Monday, April 12, 2010

Something To Think About.....

I know that Easter was about a week ago but it's never too late to remember the sacrifice that was done at the cross and the victorious resurrection. We need to live this moment every day and not leave it at the cross. A good friend of mine shared this with me today and spoke to my heart. I am now challenged to live with Easter Gladness specially when the going gets tough!!!! I pray that you join me so we can shine for Christ!!!

God at Eventide

"Love and laugh. To the world, sad faces and depressed spirits speak of a buried Christ. If you want to convince men that I am Risen, you must go through life with Easter gladness. You must prove by your lives that you are Risen with Me.

Men will not learn of My conquest over death by the arguments of theologians, but by the lives of My followers. My Risen followers. If you are still wearing the grave-clothes of gloom and depression, of fear and poverty, men will think of us as tomb-bound still.

No, live in the Spirit of the Garden on that Easter morning. For you, too, I will roll away the stone from the door of the sepulcher. Walk unbound in the Garden with Me, in the Garden of Love, Joy, childlike, boundless Faith --- the Garden of Delights."