Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He Truly Cares!

Right now my life has slowed down a bit because I am working on giving our baby girl the best care ever. I am loving my new role as a mommy and thank the Lord for giving me the honor! One thing's for sure though when you're a mom..your life changes. Right now I'm in the process of organizing my time and can already tell that everything is falling back into place along with the new member of the family! The other day I laughed with my husband because I told him that my social life has come down to Facebook hahaha! There I stay in touch with family/friends and see what they're up to. One of my main goals in life has always been to make a difference. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be in the medical fields so I could help people. In high school I was always the one people came to with their problem to get sound advice. I worked with youth who were eager to find meaning in their life and encouragement women who came from all angels of life.I always look around to see how I can help! A few days ago though I felt as if I can't do a whole lot from home. I don't get out much since the baby is still little. I started to feel guilty because I felt that I could do more being that my spiritual gift is to encourage. That very same day I checked my FB and found this beautiful kiss from the Lord!

"Just wanted to stop by your page and tell you how incredible you are:o) You are a constant encouragement and such a BRIGHT shining light for Jesus...thanks for being the godly wife, mommy and friend that you are!"

The Lord used my beautiful friend Elvira as a vessel to lift me back up and re-energize me so I can keep walking. He wanted me to know that I am making a difference...through Him!!!!

I just had to share because this is proof that God is real and truly cares about our feeling. He really wants to see His children happy! God is in all the details and I'm so glad He is! He knows our every need and knows exactly how to provide for them! My goal is to turn to Him when the going gets tough because obviously He cares!!!!

I pray you find joy in knowing that He truly cares for you too and wants to be the shoulder you run too, comfort you seek, the healing you long for, the one who fulfills your needs!

Thank you sooo much Elvira<3 THANK YOU MORE MY LORD<3


Kristi Lea said...

He absolutely does! I often feel the same way. It is hard to adjust to just being at home most of the time and raising your children. But remember, what you do to nuture her and raise her according to His principles, is the most important job you will ever do for Him, and the furtherance of His kingdom!

Christy said...

It's been so long since I've been here, congratulations on the birth of your daughter!!!! I'm off to find out her name (if you posted it) and about when she was born, etc!! I had my baby, it was a boy! Noah James is 2 months old now! :)

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

That is so awesome! Thank God for Elvira being obedient to bless you and you seeing that God was in that detail. LOVE YOU! You are SO easy to love.