Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Have A New Friend!

Florida is not only sunny but very, very green! A very nice product of all the rain we get. With green bushes comes pretty flowers and with pretty flowers come one of the prettiest things the Lord has created and a personal favorite...BUTTERFLIES!

We happen to have a big window in our living room facing a very lush "front yard". I spend alot of my day sitting on our couch feeding Karina which also gives me the opportunity to gaze through our window and enjoy all the beauty! A couple of days ago I noticed something flying back and forth..someone was very busy. Karina and I went to investigate and smiled at the sight of a very beautiful:


It's so pretty and so big! I loved to see how it went from flower to flower eating. A sweet reminder of how God nourishes He's creation. The Lord is always speaking to my heart and teaching me valuable lessons. God really is in all the details. Through this He taught me that He is always there to provide our every need, that we must stay busy cause there's lots of work yet to be done and that even when the going gets tough..we can still find beauty (optimism). Our butterfly continue to come and delight with it's beauty right outside our window. She has nwo become a faithful friend of ours! Just wish we could bring her inside and make her our pet!

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