Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Month!!!

As many of you already know...God answered our prayer, He remembered us and is now blessing us with out heart's desire: our beautiful baby<3 I know many people don't really like to see Nurse Practitioners but if you were to ever meet Dawn, you'll love her. I was kinda hoping she's be there but as long as we got to see our baby it was ok. We were thrilled to see that our little treasured had doubled it's size! It was so funny to hear my hubby say "wow babe your uterus us huge" lol. It had also doubled. The doc took some time exploring, making sure everything looked good. I wouldn't take my eyes off that monitor...I was and am so in love with our baby already, I could look at it all day long on there. Too bad we don't have one of those machines at home:( One of the most incredible feelings....was when we saw the baby's heart beating like a warrior's. It has a strong heart beat..I was God's warrior in my belly! I wanted to cry to see it's little heart! My hubby was so moved...he was able to catch it all on camera. It was a defining moment in our lives....God is real my friends...I can prove it in my womb!!!! Now this was the hard part...we weren't able to hear the baby's heartbeat like we thought we would. That was the main reason of this appt. You see, our doc is alot older and he hasn't been trained on the ultrasound machine enough to hear the heartbeat. We were so bummed...we were willing to wait for Dawn who would have gone out of her way to make it happen but we had to wait til our next appt instead:( At first we were a little upset BUT everything in our lives happens for a reason and immediately we felt a sense of peace in knowing that God is in control and that things haven't changed for us...this whole experience of trying to conceive has taught us about patience and trusting in the Lord....He knows best! We quickly realize that when "bad" things happen they can be blessings in disguise from our Lord! My hubby and I looked at each other and realized that now we have someone special to look forward to on out next doctor's visit Sept 8....hearing our baby's heartbeat. God has given us something to look forward to with great excitement!!!! Here is a picture of our treasure taken that day:

Lord-willing we will meet our beautiful baby April 4, 2010 (or sometime around this date). April 4th seems to be a special date....we are connected with special people in our lives....April 4th is also my cousin's birthday, my good friend Deana's birthday, my good friend Vic's daughter due date (his baby girl was born this past April 5th but the 4th was her due date) and 4 days before my little sister's wedding anniversary! My hubby says that we're gonna have an April fools baby, that it's going to be born on April 1. We'll see.....

To celebrate our first month, we went to Pismo Beach. I really wanted to take a mini trip with my hubby. It was so much fun, we had a picnic right on the beach, the weather was nice, we tried some of the best clam chowder ever from Splash Cafe! There's something amazing about laying on the beach, hearing the crashing waves while,e feeling the cool breeze! We plan on doing something special every time we turn a month. We also plan on finding out the sex of our baby on the day of our 5th wedding anniversary at a very special place! Most people think it's a girl, some a boy and some even twins since we have twins on both sides of the family! I have twins on my maternal and paternal side! Don't forget to vote on the side bar if you haven't:D We thank God for an amazing first month! Here are some pics of out trip to the beach:

And this ONE MONTH belly shot:

THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for praying for the 3 of us! It means so much to us and God hears your prayers!

I was having alot of nausea (close to no vomiting) but the nausea has almost faded and I'm feeling really good! I continue to serve the Lord as it is my plan, I was asked to decorate for a 50't theme event for the women at our church and it was so much fun! I will post about it later:D I will also be assisting the speaker for a women's conference called "The Husband Project" at our church and was asked to decorate for a Christmas boutique...I love working for the brings me joy to know I'm obeying Him! But don't worry....I will still get plenty of rest!

Love, The Reyes<3


Christian Mommy Writer said...

Such an exciting time for you and your family! I remember taking belly shots at my early stages in pregnancy too. I couldn't wait to get big! Then, when I got big, I was like oh boy! :-)

Enjoy every minute. I would also recommend journaling. I did it with my son and it was great. I talked about how I felt for the day, how things were progressing, and all of the fun stuff about pregnancy.

Take care!

Kelly's Ideas said...

This is so exciting - take care and I will pray for you and yours.

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

We missed you, Susan. And we all agree you look so cute with your new haircut! We love all the info and pics. Although when Miguel saw your 'belly' pic he started to laugh because he said, "That's a belly shot? But there is no belly yet!" I love how we will be able to see it. I haven't gotten to see what my sister in TX looks like pregnant. So, I wish she were doing the same.

xoxo to you, Manny, and that sweet little treasure that Tia can't wait to hold and thank God it almost April Fool's? (I think it might be on 4/1/10, too, because Manny is such a joker. That would be quite a tribute to him, ha ha.)


Becky said...

so excited and happy for you!

Jen&Carter said...

I am so happy for you and I am glad that you were able to see the heartbeat, it makes it more real, and seeing your little one is so awesome. April 4th is my B-day, that is a good day. Enjoy every moment I have loved beng pregnant and I am going to miss him moving all about in there, but it will be even better having him in my arms.
Praying for a great uncomplicated 9 months for you my friend.

Katie said...

I am very happy for you (and a teenie tiny bit jealous!)....but so glad things are working out beautifully...


kristilea said...

What a wonderful visit. I didn't get to have a sonogram and hear the heartbeat until I was at least 13 weeks along. The doctors at our practice wouldn't do it until then. We got a nice new female doctor in when I was pregnant with my 3rd, and she actually started seeing me when I was 6 weeks along with my 4th child. It is truly amazing to hear that heartbeat. I can't wait until you get to go in on the 8th. That also happens to be the day we finally get to go see my parents for the first time in 2 years. What a great day it will be for both of us! I agree with you...I could have looked at those moniters all day long. I was always so sad when I had to leave the sonogram room.

Kelly said...

Congrats!! What an exciting time, treasure it!! If you are interested, I am hosting a baby blog swap, check it out on my blog. Sign up ends tomorrow.
God bless and have a great pregnancy!

Amber said...

This is such an amazing journey for you all. You wont enjoy many things in life more than the feeling of life inside you. The ultrasound pictures are even more fun when your futher along and can tell what your seeing.
What a great idea to do something to celebrate each month of pregnancy. The Lord has truly blessed you with a life growing inside!
Cant wait to "watch" you grow as your little one comes closer to greeting the world. I did not do the monthly pictures with my pregnancies but wish I had. You will enjoy them for a long time.
Wish you a smooth pregnancy.

Kathi Lipp said...

And the woman speaking at the Husband Project seminar is very excited to have you!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your blessing! Wonderful things in store for you and your family! :-)

Jess said...

I'm so glad everything is truning out so well for you. Your heart's desire is almost completely fulfilled...and your joy is overwhelming in yoru post.

I'm so glad that you and hubby went to celebrate...make sure you enjoy your time together and to treasure this time with the heartbeat, with your baby jumping and moving....just being together in this time....

Wonderful dear....let me know if you need ANYTHING!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I can't find an email address on your blog, so unfortunately I am posting this in a public forum.
Perhaps I shouldn't say anything, but I feel compelled at this moment to protect my dear friends Mirne and Craig and anyone else whom you may feel the need to preach to.

I respect your Christian beliefs. I also understand that you feel that your way is God's way and the only right way, and that your beliefs are so strong that you have little respect for beliefs that differ from yours. I am okay with that, and even though you may not respect my beliefs, I will continue to respect yours.

I am sure the death of your grandfather has been very traumatic for you. I will be the first to admit I have not walked in your shoes, so I will not presume to know how your loss feels to you. But I must tell you, it is very hurtful to a parent who has lost their child to hear you presume to understand that loss by comparing it to the loss of your grandfather. That is hurtful, not helpful.

Also, not knowing you, I don't want to make assumptions of what you do and do not know of life and its tragedies. However, it appears based on your comments that you are very naive.

You see, what you may not have figured out about life yet is that VERY BAD things happen to VERY GOOD people - Christian people, just like you.

Live a little longer and maybe you will understand that no one, Christian or otherwise, is immune to tragedy and that just because you have experienced one tragedy does not mean you are immune to others; or maybe you will be fortunate enough to never experience real tragedy in your own life to comprehend that.

Either way, it is VERY offensive for you, having never experienced loss like Mirne and Craig have, to suggest that all they need to do now is pray.

If you believe word for word in the scripture then you must also believe that each loss is a part of His plan and that He knows best. That means that sometimes, no matter how hard people pray for what they want, God will not answer their prayers, because it is not what HE wants. A good Christian should not selfishly make requests to God for what they want. That is not the purpose in prayer.

Cont'd below...

Anonymous said...

While I hope it does not happen to you, there is a very real possibility that your pregnancy may not end the way you want it to. Just because you are pregnant and praying right now, does not mean you will not miscarry or your baby will not be stillborn or will not die after birth. If you believe in His plan, taking your baby may be part of that plan.

What if God gave you this baby not as a consolation for taking your grandfather, but just to have you fall in love with your baby before taking him/her away from you? Then what? I know your answer already. You would just drop to your knees and keep praying right? And with Him you would get through it. But how about if after losing this baby, God answered your prayers and gave you another baby, and just when you thought it safe to stop fearing your baby would die and to believe that God blessed you and your second baby was actually going to live, to test your faith further, He took that baby away too? I know. As a good Christian you would keep praying and He would see you through, right? What if for a third time, God blessed with a perfectly healthy pregnancy and the birth of a beautiful child, and just when you believed that He would not take your third child from you, He did it again? Then what? Would you still be on your knees praying for Him to walk beside you and guide you through? If you truly believe you would, then good on you. But, until you live that life, actually walk in the shoes of a mother who has not lost just one child, but three, do not presume you know that all she needs to do now is pray.

I don't believe it was your intention, but the message you have delivered to Mirne is that because you prayed and you have faith, God has blessed you with the baby growing inside of you and you seem overly confident, particularly in announcing your pregnancy so early, that your baby will not be miscarried or die. That message implies to Mirne that she has not been blessed like you because she has not prayed or has not lived by His word or sought comfort in knowing Him. Who are you to know such things?

I know you meant Mirne no harm and had good intentions, but you have in fact hurt her, and Craig, and others too. I also know you believe you have a duty to spread His word, but posting as you have done on the blogs of mothers who have lost their children is not the way to do it.

With what is left of my faith, I will pray for you, and that your baby will be born healthy and live, and that you will one day better understand how to have your own faith while accepting and without hurting other people.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to chime in on this very interesting topic on God's will.

What is God's will?

Who is the Thief? God?

Who comes to steal, kill and destroy? Did Jesus every say He did?

Were we not redeemed from the curse of the Law as Galatians 3:13 says?

What are the curses in the Law? Read Deut 28 Does this include loosing a baby? This actually includes all diseases and infirmities of any kind. Also includes poverty.

God is a God of Life and love and every good thing. Yes, we can't understand all things but I believe His word and God is not a destroyer of life. Actually if you read the bible,....Jesus clearly said that Satan comes to kill steal and destroy. I am standing not in defense of Susan but in defense to my Father and Jesus my Saviour. I am defending the word of God and you are drawing conclusions from your own experience around you not the Word!!

If you are thinking of Job....well....Job lived before Jesus came and shed his Blood for us. He was a man who had fears, which I believe opens the door to the enemy to come and attack our lives. Read Job 3:25 and many times Jesus' first word to people were "do not fear" or "don't be afraid". When we are trusting God to do good in our lives ALWAYS and know He is with us, We can be assured of his loving protection. Now I am not saying we are trial free read Psalm 91 or 23 When we walk through the shadow of death, or we encounter attacks we need to be confident that we are under His wings and we will triumph--read 2 Cor 2:14.

Anonymous said...

You Father, the Lord is a good, GOOD, GOD, Daddy. My Father loves his children and why would he repeatedly "kill" or take away a baby from a family. Why would He be so cruel. Are you as a parent? Why would you give a gift to your child and then say "oops, sorry...You can't have this gift. You have a "lesson" to learn" or "you just don't understand my mysterious ways." Who wants to serve a God like this. We are the redeemed of the Lord.

Another question: Why did Jesus Matt 21:22 that whatsoever we ask he will give. He did say "whatsoever" and this mean anything thing according to His will....Healing and life is his will. Not death. Why even bother praying if we don't "believe" He will not answer us. Then we are not people of Faith and trusting God. You then don't believe Jesus!! Hey, I ask myself these questions all the time. If I am praying, I am praying knowing my God will come through. Not that your friends didn't pray.

There is so many things we don't know about each individuals heart and yes, we live in the "world" and things happen but when we know the Lord we need to trust that He is faithful to His word. Knowing our "rights" as Christians or His children is a wonderful thing. We are truly Free. We are truly not of this World. Read John 17---even Jesus prayed to the FAther that we be kept from evil or in some translations "evil one".

To defend your faithless doctrine that God is the killer.....think again. I want you to find scriptures in the old and new. You won't be able to really find any. You see JESUS THE CHRIST is the Word and when He walked on earth he came in representation of the Father's heart. He healed EVERYONE who came to Him. I have yet to find a scripture that says He didn't heal those that came to Him. If you do have one. Please share.

So to conclude my defense of my Lord:

I want to say He is good and His mercy's endure forever. He heals us of all sickness and disease (Psalm 103). He is LIFE, LOVE. And if Jesus said pray and believe and even prayed that we are kept from evil. Hey, I am going to believe Jesus before anyone else and their own made up doctrine!! So please, don't call Susan naive. She has a Gospel to spread and the Truth of who Jesus Christ the Lord is and what He did those 2000 years.

My prayer is for your friends to ask the Lord to reveal His heart and I pray that He will bless this family with a baby again. Also I pray that you will pray and read the word with a desire to know the truth. The Lord wants you to know his Salvation!! It grieves Him when we blame Him for the Satan's deceptions.

In Christ alone!!!

PS excuse me if there are any typos. I didn't proof read.

Anonymous said...

Ok found so many typos and grammar mistakes in my post. I get like this when I type fast and with passion.


Linda said...

Hey, super congrats! I know I've been missing from blogging for months due to many reasons but today I decided to get on and I'm glad I did because seeing that you have been blessed with a little one had made my night happy. :) Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Original anonymous here. My God is a Good God too. Others of you seem to have jumped to the conclusion that I believe God has killed babies. Not at all. I believe sometimes bad things just happen - acts of nature (like babies dying), that are not part of God's plan. My God is not an interventionist God, so he does not stop these tragedies. However, despite the death of my baby, I still find comfort in His love.

BUT, what some of you may not understand is that my post to Susan was in response to a comment she made on the blog of my friends who just lost their THIRD baby. It was Susan who implied that God had taken their children away from them for His purpose and suggested that all they need to do now is pray. She also flaunted her own pregnancy, and suggested that her pregnancy was an answered prayer after losing her grandfather (again suggesting my friends were somehow undeserving and therefore their prayers for their own children had not been answered). Quite hurtful, even if well intentioned.

Susan, I apologize for my previous comment, but I hope you can understand how hurtful you words were. In the future, please do not post such comments on the blogs of parents who are greiving the loss of their babies. Not everyone can find comfort in God the way you do. As a Christian you should love unconditionally and respect others freedom to chose to live independently as He does.

God, My Savior Forever! said...

To all the people pertaining Myrne and Craig's blog - all I have to say is I don't have to prove myself to anyone because the only approval I'm seeking is God's. I am sorry to see that my good intentions were twisted and misinterpreted. I only wanted to share my experience with loss to show that God's power and strength got me through my pain. I never meant to belittle anyone because I am just an ordinary who is trying to live life as best as I can with mistakes and all. I didn't realize this family and many of you stopped believing in God. I consider myself a pretty respectful person when it comes to differences in those around me. I still stand behind what I said that the Lord blessed me with this pregnancy after the agony of losing my is a miracle in my life. I've had many tribulations in my life from before I was even born...I can probably spend an entire day sharing with you the many tears I've shed that's why I know what it means to hurt. But I also know that it takes everything you have to pull through...that's the strength I've, myself, have found in the Lord. I am not implying that this family is hurting because they are not like me. I just wanted to somehow bring hope or at least let them know that they are not alone. There are many of us suffering in many different ways. I pray that this too doesn't get taken out of context and that you do see my genuine desire to be a blessing to them or anyone else who is hurting.