Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Sweet Blessing

The other day I was dong my usual blogging and started checking out other blogs..I love to connect with others and make new bloggy friends so I always have a blast reading all these neat blog. I came accross a "BABY BLOG SAWP" and thought it was the neatest idea! It didn't take me long to enter my blog and soon after got an email from Kelly. I am so happy I joined! I was matched up with Brandy. She has a beautiful baby boy named Grayson:D I got to know her while reading through her blog. It's so neat when you take the time to get to know someone. I turly enjoyed shopping for her and her baby boy! I was so eager to bless them! She in return blessed me immensenly.

I waited with great anticipation for my package. Every time I saw a UPS truck I thought, "Ooohh is it for me, is it for me" hahaha! I was doing some cleaning when all of a sudden I heard the doorbell...I ran to the door and this is what I found at my door:

I coulnd't open it fast enough:

Brandy made this card for me...ins't it nice?

These were my goodie inside:

* A neat baby blanket with Sesame Street ABC's
* Matching blocks that her baby boy loves to play with and that Brandy thought our
would also love
* I even got a treat: Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You Lotion and Body Wash..they
they smell so good!

This is the other side of the blanket...it's soooo soft..I want one for me:

THANK YOU so much Brandy for your sweetness and for blessing us! We totally love the gifts and will enjoy them lots!


kristilea said...

That was wonderful! I'm so glad you got to be a blessing to someone else. What a fun idea! I love the blanket she gave you...that is very original and too cute!

Brandy said...

I'm so glad that you liked your present! thanks for participating so that I could have the chance to meet and get to know you!

Chris in FL said...

How fun is that? How awesome. I can't believe you are 14 weeks already. Time sure flies. How exciting. :)

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Too cool, Sis! Natalie got me some of that p.s. I love you lotion and Kari and I love it. The blankie and blocks are great! Isabella gives them a thumbs up!

xoxo, Veronica