Monday, November 2, 2009

Months 3 and 4 and Going On Strong!

Like I've metioned, the Lord has blessed us with a neat trip every time we turn a month! On our third month we were able to go camping with our couples group from church to beautiful Bass Lake...about 40 minutes from our house in Fresno, CA. We had a blessed time of fellowship and good food! It was also a busy month for us because we started the packing to move to Florida and make all kinds of arrangements. Everything worked out and God provided. Here are a few pics of that trip and my belly shot for the month 3:

Our 4th month also brought along a trip except this trip would be permanent. We were all set to finally make the move to Orlando, Florida....the 4 of us were to embark on a brand new husband, myself, our baby and the Lord!!! We asked Him to pack His bags and come along...can't live without Him!!! Getting reeady to move was bitter-sweet. We were so excited to be close to family but leaving our good friends, our beautiful house, fmaily in San Diego and amazing church was hard. We were also given an amazing babyshower by one of my best friends!She also treated me to a manucure! Boy did we feel special<3 Here are a few pics of that special day and my 4th belly shot:

(aren't these the cutest set of rubber duckies? It's a soldier and his! Thanx Cheryl..these are going on top of our next babyshower's cake)

(with my beautiful, delicious has chocolate covered strawberries and truffles..yum!)

(so blessed to have had all these wonderful people at our babyshower and in our lives)

(our baby's very first ornament from Tia Veronica! also got us our very first ornament as a married couple remember?)

(we loved this onesie that my Sis-in-law Veronica got true)

(This baby carriage was put together by our wonderful cousin Jackie n her hubby..isn't it one of the neatest things ever?)

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Jess said...

So glad you are doing so well!!!