Friday, December 4, 2009

"Merry Christmas" has a new meaning to me!

This past Wednesday, my hubby took me out on a date where he delighted me with a dinner at Cracker Barrel and then blessed me with tickets to Chris Tomlin's Glory In the Highest Christmas tour with Orlando being his opening night! I was thrilled:D If he happens to be in your town or nearby..make sure to try to make this was unbelievable! You can feel the Holy Spirit in the room! We worshipped our Savior the entire time not only through worship but also through a wonderful message that Louie Giglio shared. It has made such a big impact on my life that I wanted to share some of it with you hoping that you too are blessed by it!

Louie came out with a present that was unwrapped by someone in the audience and out came something most of us are family with...a Bible. Louie then said that he was holding in his hand the greatest story ever told...the birth of Jesus Christ. I think I speak for most people there that I thought we were going to hear the story we hear every Christmas, the story read in many homes, heard in many churches but boy were we in for quite a surprise!

*He said that after years and years of complete silence after God created the world the people must have thought one of three is dead, two..God is mad..or three...Go has nothing else to say. BUT He did have something to say and that was JESUS!

*God broke the silence with a baby's cry. A human flesh and bone like you and I. He also said that God used a baby's cry because He knew that His people were weeping, broken, lonely, hopeless.

* God chose His Son's entrance in a unique way...He could have came in all His glory and might announcing His Son but instead his Son was born in a cold cave, to two lonely people who had been ridiculed by the bizarre story they shared, away from home and from the warmth and support of their family, and on tax day to top it off. Not a good day but God chose this very same day to send His and Only Son!

* Jesus came to hurting world, a world full of issues. We all have them, insecurities, failed marriages, hurtful pasts, addictions, broken relationships, betrayal, rebellious children, infertility, poverty, illnesses, loneliness, depression, doubt, abuse, abandonment, and the list goes on and on. We all have them...we live in a fallen world.

*Jesus came to reconcile, to set free, to mend, to fix, to comfort, to heal, to protect, to revive.

*Jesus is the PERFECT GIFT, God's answer to this hurting world. He is CHRISTmas!

So next time someone says: "what can I do to feel better?" you say MERRY CHRISTMAS! We might think of baby Jesus as an innocent child but He is powerful to save, He is our only hope, the only way or mighty Savior!

If you are hurting please know that the first step is to realize that Christmas is not about the presents, about the tree, the lights, not even about's about Jesus!

*God doesn't say: "Here's my address see if you can find it". He says, "I know your address and I want to move in" AMAZING!!!!

If you don't know this Savior that I'm talking about please let me know and we can pray! If you know Him but "life" has taken you away from Him please know that it's never too late to start over! God is never too busy to answer our cry for help! It breaks my heart to see who we run around "hopeless" when God is just a prayer away. I pray that if there's anything you remember from my post is that MERRY CHRISTMAS = JESUS!!!


While we sang some of the some with Chris Tomlin I was so touched by the lyrics..these are songs we're sung probably 100 times over and over again but if you take the time to really look at the lyrics you realize that these songs were truly inspired by our God and reveal who Jesus is and why He came to us!

For example take... "O Holy Night"


Ruthie said...

Hi Susan, Thank you for the nice comment you left me a couple weeks ago! I am due March 30, but my hubby's birthday is April 3, so he's hoping for that date! :) We are also having a girl and are really excited. Congratulations on your pregnancy and sweet baby girl. Praying for you tonight that you have a wonderful Christmas with a pregnant belly! What a fun and miraculous time for you and your husband. God bless you,

Anonymous said...

Hola Susan,

Thank you for always being so encouraging! I really miss you living 4 houses away.:( You guys are in my prayers always. Cuidate mucho amiga!