Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Is Almost Here...It's Amazing What A Year

While I sit and meditate about how fast the year is coming to an end I realize that it's been quite an interesting year. Probably one of a kind for me. While many painful tears were shed, much joy was also felt. It's been year the Lord has used to teach me many valuable things such as the importance of taking time to love those around you and never given up on the Lord and His promises. The most beautiful thing is that in the joy and in the pain the Lord was always there and was glorified. I would like to give you a little glimpse of what 2009 has been for me.....

* Had to give up my favorite dog..yes I cried lol
* Tried to fly to Florida for free through the military but plan was cancelled so we purchased last minute tickets....crazy but worth it!
* Witnessed the birth of my beautiful nephew Isaiah..what an amazing experience!
* Flew to Costa Rica with my mom and my husband to help care for my grandfather who was very ill
* Had my birthday party in Costa Rica..last birthday over there was when I turned 8
* My beautiful grandfather died and I was the last person he saw alive
* I am asked to join the Women's Ministry Leadership team and I go on my first retreat with them
* We purchased another dog
* I get a little part time job working for My best friend
* Iris - an amazing friend and woman of God dies
* Rode a horse again..last time was when I was 8 with my grandfather
* Attend women's retreat through church
* Started piano much fun!
* Started to blog and love it since then:D
* Had a heart-to-heart with one of my best friends not an easy thing to do but it was God's will
* Had some of the children from the Watoto children's choir stay with us..what a blessing. These are orphans who love the Lord!
* My husband and I go on our first missions trip together to an orphanage in Mexico!
* Found out we had family on both sides close by
* Ministered to my husband's cousin who was bedridden at the hospital through her pregnancy
* My husband gets a motorcycle
* My wonderful aunt Roxana died she was only 55:(
* My youngest brother Jimmy graduates high school
* Get news that my husband is being transferred
* My good friend's baby girl Gabriela Isabelle is born to Ani and Victor
* Josiah Nathaniel is born to Erin and Nathan
* Cassidy is born to Stephanie and Clint
* Start teaching a devotional class at church
* Daniel and Emily are born to Lupita and Daniel
* Go to one of our favorite cities..Monterey, CA and have our candy apple
* Carmelina - another amazing woman of God and great friend dies
* Kathi - a great servant of the Lord dies
* Madison Jane is born to Anne and her husband
* My husband starts getting checked by the urologist
* My cousin Marcela finds out she's pregnant with Paula Roxana!
* Found out my cousin's wife Tatiana is expecting Mathias!
* My beautiful niece Isabella Grace is born to Veronica and Tim
* We're invited to our first 80's prom much fun!
* Found out we were PREGNANT!!!!
* Went to Pismo Beach, CA for the first time and had Splash Mountain Cafe clam chowder for the first time....sooo good!
* My cousin Derrick joins the Army
* My brother in law Mark joins the Army
* Decorated for a 50's event at church
* My grandma arrives in Florida to be with my family
* went camping with our friends from church
* Join MOPS group for the first time..yeah!
* My friends Carla, Marlene, Yamileth, Shey, Anaiz, Petra, Brenda and Mayra find out that they're expecting in 2010!!!!
* Find out my husband's cousin Jackie us expecting her second baby...a boy!
* My husband feels that it's the Lord's will to get out of Army and we decide to move to Florida
* Jaclyn Grace born to Stephanie and husband
* Found our Anna and Corey are expecting Brookelyn Shae
* Become godparents to 4 beautiful children and attend their dedication
* My good friend Jennifer's husband dies
* Had our beautiful babyshower!
* Fly to Orlando we move across the country!
* Get apartment, phones, car and job (husband) all in one blessed!
* We find out we're having a baby GIRL!!!
* Hadassah is born to Natalie and Dan
* Andy is born to Kelly and Noi
* Made the Thanksgiving turkey for the entire family for the first time
* Attend my friend Priscilla's wedding
* My friend Margarita gets engaged and she wants me to the a witness
* My sister and her hubby have their wedding reception and I get to decorate
* My husband registers for college and he's now all ready to go!
*Find out my cousin Gabriel and his wife are expecting their first baby August 2010!
* Have our first 3D Ultrasound!

As you can's been an action packed year and these are just the highlights. Did you noticed all the ladies who had and are having babies??? Incredible! I love it! God has been very active in our lives and even in the midst of our trials..He remained faithful and was glorified! I don't know what all 2010 holds but one thing I do know is that as long as our eyes remain fixed on the Lord...I will always be in His will and He will take good care of us! We look forward to 2010 because we're going to make every effort to make God the center of it and because we will get to hold our baby girl in our arms for the first time in April Lord-willing!!! I hope you had an adventurous 2009 and are now looking forward to 2010 and all it's BLESSINGS!!!


Tammy On the Go said...

you MUST keep a journal, this is great. what a great way to see all that God has done, loveyou my friend!

Natalie said...

you're so sweet, I'm so happy for you and Manny and we can't wait to see your little princess !! God has been so faithful to answering prayers and blessing us with all these new little babies :)

kristilea said...

I'm so excited about what 2010 is going to bring you! I do also believe that it is time for another belly shot!!

I love the New Year rolling around. My only goal for each new year, is to be closer to God than I was the year before. It's always been really good for me and keeps me growing closer and closer to Him and more and more like Him!

La Familia Garcia said...

Wow, you've had alot going on how have you kept up with it all!? This year will be so great to look forward to as well!

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...



Jess said...'s me that needs to apologize this time. I have been a bad twin...I want to thank you for all the comments, emails...even the Christmas card...thank you so very much!

i hope you are doing amazing! i hope you had happy holidays...and know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers.

love you

Being Carlise said...

Looks like a wonderful year. You may remember me from my other blog. My husdands ex-wife hacked it. So I made a new one. Have a wonderful 210