Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three..A Number We Think of Often (Preg. Update)

Three...a number we now think of often because we are in our third trimester and even more reminds us that our family will soon consists of three! Such an amazing feeling...lots of contemplating, meditating, reorganizing and praying going on! We want to make sure she will have a safe haven but most important one where she will feel God's presence and His love! We're also working on growing closer to the Lord so we can be good examples to her!

And now.....for a much anticipated update!

How far along? 37 weeks......only 22 days to go!!!

Total weight gain: Total weight gain so far = 22 lbs.

Maternity clothes? wearing my maternity clothes..I even sectioned it off from the rest of my clothes so I could go right to it. I just can't stop looking at my belly in my cute tops! It's so amazing!

Sleep: We just got a bran new KING size bedroom set with a a fancy foam mattress and it's organic so I am sleeping like a baby now for the most part. I am getting up at least twice sometimes three times to go number one through out the night but I no longer wake up all stiff. Thank God for blessing us with our amazing bed! Problem is: we don't want to get up in the morning hahaha!

Best moment this week: Getting Karina's dresser, car seat and curtains all set up. Fixing up her room some more. It's almost complete and and it looks so beautiful! Going to the doc with my husband and seeing my husband and having him tell me he's thrilled because the doc said that if my contractions are 5-7 minutes apart..we need to hop in the car and get to the hospital. This really hit my husband and he says he's been longing to hear it! Also...getting our records from the doc's office and having them tell me that from now on they need to go with me everywhere...WOW!!! It's really happening and very soon!

Movement: Oh yes! She loves moving late at night...guess she's gonna be a night person like her momma! She also moves when she's hungry, when I sing to her and when her daddy talks to's so cute! The other day I had an Acai smoothie mind you, an energizer, and the baby sure got energized cause she moved nonstop for about 5 hrs hahaha!

Gender: IT'S A GIRL!!!! Karina Rocio<3...and you know it's a girl when you have a pile of clothes from the babyshower!

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton husband laughs cause he says I use medical terminology on him being that I was in the medical field:D I am feeling more pressure and shooting pain here and there....all good signs!

Belly Button in or out? I am definitely an outie. My little brother got to touch my belly button and he was so thrilled, he's never seen and was hilarious!

What I miss: Probably wearing my favorite jeans but I'm totally fine with that...I must rather have my princess!

Weekly Wisdom: It's amazing that you don't have to physically have the baby in your arms to feel and think like a mommy. I was a little stressed the other day and could tell I wasn't feeling good which led me to believe that it could possible affect the baby. I prayed and then decided that I needed to let it all go, not worry about such things and that my baby girl deserved a much more peaceful environment. So with the Lord's help I was able to overcome to let go and refocus on the amazing event that's about to take place in our lives...the birth of our miracle baby! I feel that she needs me to be strong, focused and I need to look out for her well-being always! So...moms, when life stresses you out, think about what and who truly matters. Your babies/kids need you!

Milestones: I got to see my was kind of a strange feeling for me in a good way if you can say. Really exciting but at the same time I had never seen anything come out of my breast. It def reminded me of how close we are to meeting her. Getting into to the doc's once a week now. Buying Karina a beautiful carseat and sling, working on my iron level and clothes shopping for the baby! Oh and I'm almost done packing our hospital bags..even daddy gets one and he's thrilled about that!

And now..for some belly shots! The first one is my most recent one:D

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Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

I bet Manny's hospital bag has lots of treats, lol!

You look so great, Sis! You carry her well. Sounds like her room is going to be sooo pretty.

Seeing the colostrum already...awww...I am so excited for you. I know that you will be such a great mama.

Miss you guys,