Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facebook Anyone???

The famous "F" which stand for one of the most visited websites in the nation...Facebook or how one of my relatives, who will remain anonymous, called it...Bookface hahaha! Whoever created this site has been a blessing at least to me because I've been able to stay in touch with my family and friends especially those in California, Cayman Island, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany and France. Ifeel like they're right by my side through thick n thin! I've even met family I never knew I had! I've also had the blessing of reconnecting with so many friends from the past which has been so awesome walking down memory lane! You can never have too many friends in my book and God has blessed me with so many new people who have become wonderful friends! I have been blessed, encouraged, heard, inspired, uplifted, challenged and loved on Facebook. I hope I've done the same for my Facebook family! My husband laughs cause Facebook is onmy mind alot and I told him that it's part of my social life hahaha!

God has also given me the opportunity to meet amazing bloggy friends! I know that you can with one hand the times I've blogged lately or left comments on your wonderful blogs but please know that I do come check out what's happening and so many times I've read something on your blogs that's keep me busy thinking and meditating! THANK YOU for that and for keeping up with my blog and being a true friend who patiently waits to hear from me!

Since most of my computer time is spent on FB I would love to enjoy "spending" time with you there too so.....DO ANY OF YOU FACEBOOK??????? Let me know so we can continue the fun over there and while keeping up with the party here;D

Love LOTS<3


Sara said...

Have not yet entered the facebook adventure! Many keep asking me ... maybe someday.


Alicia said...

Yes, I do!!!!! I'll friend request you!!!

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...


It has been so cool reconnecting with family and seeing what friends are up to. It took me awhile, but my 1 year anniversary of FB is coming up. I love being able to stay in touch with my TX family and my FL family! xoxo

You are always an encouragement on FB and every one of your status' is a blessing. You could be FBer of the year, if there were an award!!