Tuesday, March 24, 2009

********** FUN FACTS***********

Here's a few fun facts so you can get to know me better :

* My name is Susan (Hebrew) Denisse (French) Reyes. I was named Susan because my mom's aunt had just lost her grand-daughter Susan whom she never saw again due to her son's divorce, it means "lily" or "rose", Denisse is a name my mom really liked

* Oldest of 5 (3 girls, 2 boys)

* I am totally in love with my husband, We love cuddling, playing pranks on each other, discovering the world together, trying out new restaurants, laughing, comtenplating on life, playing video games, going to baseball games, but most important...growing strong in Christ together and loving every minute we spend with our Lord and Savior together.

*I definitely married “Goofy” like I always wanted to

*I make people laugh but it happens out of the blue which people seem to love

*My favorite number - 2, color – red, burgundy, sage, sky blue

*Own a Silky Terrier mix named "Mugsy" looks like a mix of Benji/Alf

* my maternal granfather who just passed "Papa" was like a father to me

* Totally love the 80's...best cartoons!

*Traveled to 30 US states

* Speak basic Portuguese, fluent Spanigh and English

* Love taking pictures of nature...it makes me feel closer to God!

* Had 6 sticches on my face when I was little…fell on my cousin’s bike (handle bar to be exact) going down hill and into a rocky area..I know I was daring..what can you expect with 12 boy cousins older than you

* Nicknames are cachifletas, chiquilina, Susitan, Doc Corazon, Cotton Princess, Angelita, Sue, Preciosa, Baby, mi amor, Mi Joya Preciosa, Doc Sue, God’s princess, Tia Chuchan

* Was at my nephew Isaiah's birth…INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

* Have IBS so I can't have spicy, too much grease or citrucy food

* Taking piano lessons, next violin

* Sunsets make me cry..they're beautiful and special..my hubby proposed to me by a sunset at the beach

* We attend an amazing couple's Bible study group

* I collected stickers and keychains as a child

* Once wrote a song and would like to continue writing for my God

* Have never borken a single bone

* Love chicken, salad, plaintans, and Acai sundaes at Roebiks

* Not a coffee drinker

* A totaly romantic, child at heart, poet

* Music has a special place in my heart

* Love my family anf friends

* Have a blue beta fish named "Chechup"

* Make friends everywhere I go

* Focus my thoughts and energy on what truly matters in life
* Dreamed as a child to open an orphanage in the states for street kids...ya never know what God has in store

* Has gone on missions, done discinpleships, decorated for women's conferences, has overseen the planning of a missions trip, been in several church dramas/choreographies, done church choir and been in charge of a youth group. I like to stay busy at church and I'm really looking forward to what God has me doing next....
* Learning to be more spontaneous since I’ve always been a planner

* Wanted to be an OB/GYN or Pediatrician and went to school as a Biology major but God had other plans for my life and graduated as a clinician medical assistant where you can still make a difference in people’s lives

* was called by Tapestry (an all girl Christian band) “the giggly girl”~ totally loveeee the smell of roses…there’s just something about it

* Have written many poems…made and read one to my hubby on our wedding day


Timmy's Girl said...

It is always fun to learn more about the people you love!xoxoxox

Maybe one day you could post one of your poems? I would love to read one.

I love you, Sis

God, My Savior Forever! said...

I agree! I love getting to know people and finding out we have alot more in common! Ahh definitely I would love to share a poem or two...maybe the one I read to Manuel at our wedding;D Not many people have read my poems but those that have have really enjoyed them!

Love you too, Sis! xoxoxox

Natalie said...

Hi Susan !! SO glad you've joined the bloggers.

Abs and Me said...

I'm new to this blogging game and started looking through some of the noteworthy blogs. I ran across one in which you gave some advice to a young woman who was having a hard time with her husband over an ex. I have to tell you that of all the comments I read (I have been through a somewhat similar situation myself, so I got a little caught up in what people had to say), I found that yours was one of the best. I can tell you are a very special young lady! You truly care about others and I think that is wonderful! Thank you for giving me a little inspiration as well!

Also, looking through your fun facts, I noticed that we have the same favorite number, I can't stand the smell of coffee so I don't drink it either, and I have been wrapped up in music my entire life as well! I started taking piano lessons when I was six and still play. I also learned to play the trumpet at 13! I love music! I especially love how close it can bring me to my Heavenly Father!

Thank you again for your comments!