Sunday, March 29, 2009

* Well Traveled Shoes*

Imagine being an orphan due to AIDS, malaria, polio or war at a very young age. Imagine being found in a dumpster or being born during a famine and your mom or a close relative desperately having to make the decision of feeding themselves or you leaving them no option but to drop you off "somewhere". Imagine being dropped off never to see a single family member again, to not know who you really are, where you come from or to have your birthday determined by the day you arrived at your drop off location......

Now imagine being drop off at a place where they take you in like family, they place in one of their villages, in a home with a "mother" and seven "siblings" where you recieve an education, nourishment, protection from the violence from a corrupt military, you're brough back to health through good health facilities, you feel a sense of community a sense of belonging but even more special you are taught about God, our and their Heavenly Father, about Jesus and His death on the cross and about the gift of eternal life through salvation! Talk about having a second chance...

This place does exist and their main goal is to rescue abandoned and/or abused children due to AIDS and the cruilty of war. This amazing organization is in Uganda in Africa and is saving these childrens' lives not only to give them a home but with the desire to help them become strong men and women of God so they can make a difference in their country of Africa and set it free! They are raising future leaders! AMAZING!!! One way they evangelize is by taking a kids choir all around the world to share the Good News. . Eash child only get to come once on the choir since they have 1,7000 children so they rotate. We had the honor of having Alex and Lindah (marriaed couple, lead singer) as well as Ian and Dovin two very bright and beautiful boys stay at our house this past saturday! We knew we were in for a was such a delight! We are blown away to see how spritually strong these children are. Ian was asked to say grace for our meal and he prayed a beuatiful prayer for each person at the table. He asked God to cover u s with His precious blood! Also.....I have to say that these kids show such respect for others...

(Notice the picture of the shoes up top? Ian and Dovin took off their shoes first and left just enough room for the two adults to place their shoes...can we say respect? Oh and they each thanked Manuel and I for each meal with a hug. They called us Auntie Susan and Uncle Manuel. They were so appreciative with something we take so lightly) I also noticed their joy! It was so cute watching them as they laughed finding the slighest thing amusing and laughing with so much joy! It was hard to believe that these were once orphans. Lindah was an orphan herself...her only raltives alive are her younger brother and a few cousins yet she seems so content, so fulfill and they never stop thanking God! They really taught us alot about what it means to have the kind of joy Paul talks about in the Bible. These kids travel 6 months on a bus all around the west coast and some even go to other countries. These kids are the:

(Our boys were some of the main stars and Alex was one of the lead singers! Ian is on the front left and Dovin is on the dead center...what how talented and ful of the Spirit these kids are...the loveeee the Lord!)

Here I am with my new friend Lindah or as the kids call her "Auntie Lindah" She's a very strong woman of the Lord!

This is Ian with his Auntie Susan - what a sweet boy he hugged us as soon as he saw us!

Video: Ian "sweet smile"

Video: Dovin "Strong spirit "

One last picture before we had to say goodbye. It was such a blessing to have them over, our lives will never be the same! We plan on staying in touch and maybe even go visit them one day!

This is what I have to remember them by, it'll always remind me of the special place Uganda has in my heart. They make these in Kenya along with other jewelry to help them with their expenses. It's so cute and so special!

If you ever have a chance go to and see for yourself how God is working accross the world!

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Timmy's Girl said...

Sis, what a blessing!!!! I love the hostesses heart the Lord has given you and to Manny. The boys are gorgeous and how I wished I could have been there to hear the choir! It must have been so awesome! God bless you both for your servants hearts and I love the picture of the is very telling.

xoxo, Veronica (sis)
p.s. Love the new wallpaper on your blog.