Monday, July 20, 2009

We Are Not Forgotten In God's Kingdom!

Back in March, the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to host Dovin and Ian along with uncle Alex and Untie Lyndah in our house. They are part of the children's choir called Watoto from Uganda, Africa. It is a choir composed of orphan children who have been recued from poverty, AIDS epidemic and violence. Most of these children's parents have died mainly from AIDS. It's so incredible how the Lord is using these beautiful children to touch so many people in very special ways! They sing a song that's called, "I am not forgotten" that really spoke to my heart because we all have struggles,afflictions, desires, dreams, goals and it really helps to know that God remembers us...that He really wants to see us happy!!! We were very honored to have them in our home and to see them perform at our church along with the rest of the choir..these kids have a amazing ministry. Well, I was emailed a video..and boy was I in for a sweet surprise! Our kids Ian and Dovin along with their friends got to perform with Chris Tomlin. I truly enjoyed watching them! They have a gift! I wanted to share this video with's blessed my day!

BTW....please know that nothing is impossible for our Lord...He can use a broken vessel and make something very beautiful out of it!!!!!


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