Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who says it's not possbile........

#1 To have very bad cravings and not be expecting? Yes...I am proof that it can happen. I survived it and now I'm here to warn you about it:D Well, I don't know if it was something in the water or in the air but I now have a pretty good idea of what it feels like to want something, this one specific food item and yes it never a time you shouldn't be eating at all...let's say...10pm? LOL. I admit I'm guilty of it...or should I say..I've been a victim of it? I can't even blame the infomercials because that wasn't the case. They say that the longer you're with a person the more you get to know them. I can honestly say that I truly appreciate my husband even more now and I know that his love for me is very sacrificial and very selfless.

Couple of weeks ago, we were watching a movie when all of a sudden I felt the "need" to have a Wendy's Frosty....ok, was actually a Malt Frosty..a new item they now carry and I just had to have it. It was almost 10 my friends and when my husband who was now in his pj's offered to go get it my mouth dropped. Those of you who might know him well, know that he's a jokester so sometimes I can't tell if he's joking but he was determined to get me this treat. He went all over town trying to find an open Wendy's (things tend to close a lil earlier here...small town).

Well....I have a recurring episode of this unstopable attack on my taste buds. This time I was even more specific.....I wanted an Acai with extra Peach smoothing from Jamba Juice and you won't believe what I wanted along with this delicious ceviche lol. Really weird mix but in my mind and in my heart it sounded so good lol. Now I know why the big rap about women and strange cravings. This incident also happened kinda late...about 9:30ish and once again my hubby ran all over town hoping to find what I was craving so bad.

Doesn't this look delish? With lots and lots of lemon..yummm

Funny thing is: every time this happens to me my husband wants to be so supportive that he joins me so I don't feel so bad. He says that we can both be revels lol.

#2 To continue to be romantic and do thoughtful things for your spouse after almost 5 yrs of marriage? Why do people say that the honeymoon had to end? Honestly my mom taught me the total opposite. If you notice in God's Word, He spend quite some time talking about "LOVE"..."love your neighbor as yourself".... "and the greatest of these is love"...... "love never fails"...... "of you have love for one another".... A few days ago, my hubby got home from work and came in the room to kiss me. He left and I continued to get ready...when I turned around...I noticed something that wasn't there before. I found this on our dresser:

I am not one to cry easily but ya better believe it....I was in tears. It feels good to have a career something I am very proud of, it feels good to be teaching the ladies at church, it feels good to get a phone call from my mom, it feels good to hear my nephew on the phone "talking" to me, it even feels good have a friend tell you that you've made a difference in their live but besides being in the Lord's presence worshipping, praising Him, reading His word or praying, one of the best feelings in the entire world is to be loved the way only your soulmate can love you. It's really hard to put into words. I know that when we have kids, I'm going to love them beyond measure but the love that I have for my husband is unbelievable. Only God could have done something like that in my life. The Author of this love is God Himself who is love. That's why I thank God and put our marriage in His hands every day. I ask Him to continue to give Manuel and I this pure love for each other. My hubby knows I love surprises! He got me this huge card that sings. "Wild Thing" a fav song of ours and a song he dedicated to me at our friend's 30th 80's party this past Saturday (this will be my next promises to be very entertaining...stay tune). He also got me delicious Ghiradelli caramel chocolate and to top it off...he put it next to our wedding picture. This is one of those times when words are not needed

I am tremendously blessed with an amazing man of God! The Lord reminds me every day in so many different ways of the gift He's given husband! My hubby

-Opens my doors - something we've gotten alot of comment on such as, "wow, you don't see that anymore", "I wish my boyfriend would do that for me", "you are a true gentleman", "don't ever stop doing that for your wife", "how awesome to see such a young man do that for his wife".

- He always makes sure that we are doing the right thing spiritually, he protects me and makes sure someone doesn't try to decieve me and encourages me to honor the Lord always!

-When we are at a parking lot he walks me on the inside so I don't get hit by passing cars

- He makes breakfast for me every sunday so I can continue to get ready for church (my dad does this for the family and it's so neat to see that Manuel is doing it on his own)

-When I've had a long week and just can't get up that morning cause I'm so tired, he tells me that he wants me to stay in bed and rest.....then he goes and makes his own coffee, breakfast and fixes his lunch.

- He always introduces me to all his co-workers and people in general when we are in public...I feel like a princess when he does this.

These are just to name a few. I have been blessed far more than I ever imagined. Going through my heartaches was worth it and served a purpose in my life because I can now truly appreciate a true gentleman, I now know what true love really is. I hope our daugthers choose to marry someone like their daddy and I hope our sons become real gentleman and like Manuel said on his profile when we met online.....treat their wives like queens!!!! I love you are the best of the best, my sweet blessing from above!!!!

The honeymoon should never be need to be creative and do thoughtful things for one another. I guarantee'll love seeing your love for each other grow!!!

#3. To feel very loved and really special at a children's hospital? Check this hospital out. Last week our good friends' son was hurt while he was at a camp and was brought to the Madera Children's Hospital..about 30 min from our house. From far it looks like a castle so I've always wanted to go see it. We want to visit him and it was so neat. Notice the welcome sign as you walk into on of the floors.

They are also very sensitive to kids and their fear of hospitals so they've made the entire front of the hospital into a can find a myriad of these animal like bushes all over the property. The very front has two huge giraffes and a flower garden that's very pretty!

Isn't this an adorable statue? They really make the kids feel special:D

#4. To help your dog overcome boredom? If you ever walk around the corner and find your dog dying of boredom like ours down below...let me tell you....they've created something very unique that your furry friends will enjoy.....

Yes, my are seeing right.....dogs have their very own cookies, several flavors to choose from. We got our dog "peanut butter." Our dog was willing to do jumping jacks for one of these. Every time I walk into the laundry room he thinks he's getting an irresistable dogs also need to watch their weight lol . Don't they look just like people cookies? lol So next time you humans crave cookies make sure it doesn't say:

"Three Dog Bakery" on the left hand corner. Or else we'll have a very funny post to read lol.


Niki :-) said...

what do you do when you want to go to church and be involved but your husband doesn't and is non existent in terms of religion in general?

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Come on Manny, you know you wanted to taste those doggie cookies!!! Remember when Amanda and I made you try Campanita's doggie treats? You said they tasted just like, dork!

Girl, this post could totally be me.. the cravings, the loving husband going out late at night, the thoughtful surprises... but I think the cravings alone are God's way of preparing Manny for those late night outings for you. I have been praying for God to fill your womb ALL THE TIME. Just know that the desire of your heart, the desire of Manny's heart, is also the desire of my heart.

I LOVE YOU and miss you!! Are you guys coming next weekend?

xoxo, Veronica SIS

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

BTW, great question, NIKI... I know Susan will give you the perfect verse in the bible concerning this issue.xoxo

Tammy On the Go said...

this was a really fun post..loved it all.

I love your commments too. Will you go back and add them as a link? If you return you will see what I mean. I loved them all!

Becky said...

oh, i love your posts! :) sounds like you have an awesome guy! sometimes it's really the little things. jer always introduces me to everybody - sometimes a little more than i would like! but, it lets me know that he's proud that i'm his wife and that's the best feeling in the world. jer does things that mean the world to me - and they're not romantic things. he's done all the maintenance on our cars for years. some people might not think that's important, but it's one less thing i have to worry about. he'll go to the bank, do the laundry, he'll give in to my chinese food cravings. i LOVE chinese! LOL.

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Becky! I am so happy to know that you also notice all the little things your hubby does for you. I agree 100% it's the little things they do that go a long way:D We need to always nurture this in them so that we continue to do it for each other and our kids see and desire to have a strong marriage like ours! Yes...when our hubbis do work around the house it also saves us alot of money:D


Chris in FL said...

Sounds like you have such a great Gift of a man, your hubby. He will make such a great daddy.

I feel the same about my husband. He is such a wonderful man, lover, father.

Your blessed.

How are you related to Veronica...your sis?

Chris in FL

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Chris! I grew up in Florida..yep 16 yrs:D Worked in Dinsey Wrdk for 6 yrs:D

Thank you! My desire is not only to let my hubby know how much I appreciate him but also to encourage other wives to take the time to notice and appreciate the little things their hubbies really builds them up and in return they love on us! So happy to know that you have a blessed marriage...praise God!!!

Ah...I am Veronica's sis-in-law..I am married to her brother.

Have a blessed day<3