Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Music of My Heart

Just wanted to share that the God is giving me the opportunity of finally accomplishing a passion, a dream I've always have to learn to play the piano with the ultimate goal to write music that glorifies my Lord! I've always loved music! My mom says I've always had a passion and and and ear for music.

My very first present at age 1 was a drum that my mom says I loved to play with more than my dolls, at age 5 I got my tamborine, at age 9 I got a brand new keyboard I really wanted, at age 14 I got an organ my parents got for my at a yard sale which is when I was taking piano lesssons..took them for 6 months and now thanx to my wonderful in-laws who have generously blessed me, I get to use their awesome keyboard in the comfort of my home! After piano I would like to learn the violin! I'm also encouraring my husband to fulfill his dreams of learning to play the guitar. He owns one and everything. I am really excited because God knows this has been on my "to do list" for a very long time. I started my class last week, I geto to go every wednesday along with 11 other students. The Lord used music in my life to minister to me in a very powerful way when I drifted from His ways...He used it to encourage me to recommitt my life to Him and now I want to encourage others to come to Christ too! Music has the power to conquer a lost soul...that is...God's music that is filled with the Holy Spirit!

I pray that the Lord guides me in this journey, helps me develope this beautiful gift and gives me the honor of writing for Him and about Him to reach out to so many lonely, hurting souls......there's hope in the Cross!!!!


Sheyenne said...

That's awesome! I'm so excited for you! I've been playing piano for about 20 years... but sadly, I haven't had a piano in my home since I went away to college, so I hardly ever play or practice anymore. I miss it! When do you guys go to Mexico?

La Familia Garcia said...

Just visiting from veronica's blog...
I LOVED this post, because I've always wanted to learn piano and violin, but never had and never thought I could now...but when I read your post, I'm encouraged to try it. I think if I sat myself down faithfully, I can maybe teach myself...the basics? My husband has learned the drums (bongos) in recent years and plays for God. He is GOOD! I hope your a fast learner!

Brenda said...

Hello! I look forward to spending some time 'meeting' you thru your blog.
Thanks for your kind words on mine!
You'll love learning to play the piano. I took lessons as a child and then picked it back up later and now play by ear. I played for many years in our church as well as the flute, and sometimes the drums (nothing fancy with that, just knew how to keep a beat).
What a blessing to pursue your giftings. And to know you're using them for the Lord's glory.
God bless.

Jess said...

Hi, so glad you stopped by my blog, and even more glad that I stopped by yours! I love your blog, and I spent some time catching up with you...

I will definitely be back soon!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

love, jess

PS I play piano by ear.