Thursday, April 9, 2009


I found this fun questionare in my sister in law Veronica's blog and though it would be neat to share with you...ok..2004?

5 things I was doing 5 years ago?

1. In college focusing on my grades so I could get straight A's and I did!
2. Met my wonderful husband on a Christian singles' website. It was all God..I was doing a project for Nutrition class and there he was!!! We then spent 4 months as friends really getting to know each other before we finally met in person.
3. Got engaged to my soulmate Manuel that June!!! He proposed at the beach by a sunset...I'll have to share the beautiful/funny story in here some's one of a kind!!! Had my car stolen and one of the robbers got killed since they crashed. Came to meet my beautiful new family in San Diego, CA.
4. Married my honey bunches of oats that Nov...had the wedding of my dreams. God was there right by our side, it was a family reunion just how I wanted it to be, beautiful red roses everywhere, my fav dishes, and to top it off...mariachi whom my grandfather with, with his beautiful voice which I'll always miss.
5. Went to Maui, Hawaii for our awesome honeymoon!!!! What a hubby surprised me with the news days before the wedding! Manuel then got orders to be a recruiters so we knew God was moving us somewhere else...adventurous:D

5 things on my to-do list today:

1. Finish my laundry
2. Make dinner
3. Email Alison from the orphanage in Mexico to get some information we want
4. Watch our shows tonight and then do our devotional/pray

5 things I would do with a million dollars:

1. Give God the first 10% and then a good love offering
2. Pay off our house and other debt
3. Open up an orphanage for street kids/orphans, support orphans in other countries
4. Buy my parents, grandma and family their dream home, send my parents on the honeymoon they never had and deserve after 22 years of marriage!!! Help my hubby open up his batting cage!

5 places I have lived:

1. San Jose, Costa Rica (born and raised until I was 9)
2. Orlando, Florida
3. Clarksville, Tennessee
4. Clovis and Fresno, California
5. ( ) God will fill in the blank.....we're open to do His will and go where He wants and needs us to go next

5 jobs I have held:

1. Worked at a Food Bank my summer when I was in 9th grade
2. Cashier and then photo tech at Walgreens mainly for tourists
3. Cashier in the gift shop at a Marriot hotel
4. Cashier Hostess at Aribbas Bros. in DISNEY WORLD!!! Now doing office work for my friend who sells insurance on an as needed

5 things I would like to be doing in 5 yrs:

1. I would like to be using my spiritual gifts to serve the Lord in the ministries He has for me
2. Doing my best to the a Proverbs 31 wife..the kind of wife God wants me to be! Making memories and enjoying a strong marriage in the Lord!
3. Lord-willing raising god-fearing children...we know that God has our beautiful children in His hands and they will come into our life on a glorious day! We are really looking forward to that day! Being role models to our nieces and nephews!
4. Playing the piano and violin for God's glory while writing songs that speak of His hope!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Now I would love to get to know you more...try it!!!


Abs and Me said...

This is great! I should look into doing something like this too! What a good way to get to know people!

Hope you're doing well!

Timmy's Girl said...

I can't wait to hear ALL about the missions trip, Sis.

I loved reading about you. You are always so willing to share about yourself and I still am learning so much about you.

xoxo, Sis...Veronica

Brenda said...

Good answers! That's too bad about the car theft and death from it.
Sounds like you are right in the middle of what the Lord has for you.