Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's Get Purse-onal!

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"I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works and that my soul knows very well. Psalm 139:14

At our Women's Retreat of which I will post about later on this week, our awesome speaker Chery Gregory shared something really neat with us that I thought would be a blessing to know while we try to have healthy relationships with family and friends. God created us all different so we can all bring something different to the table. Some time though, we fail to embraces those differences and seek to get our way. When Chery shared this with us, it answered alot of my "why's" and put things under perspective. She wanted to bring hope for our broken relationships so they woudl heal and be what God meant for them to be..empowering, uplifting, a blessing, a safe haven of love. I hope you enjoy this it's pretty neat and insightful..maybe just maybe, you'll know why your boss or neightbor does what she does! She also told us that God created us in a very unique way that we shouldn't have to be "somebody" to please someone in our life, we should be content and love the way God created us! What purse are you?

SANGUINE (POPULAR) - big pink tote bag

* Visible clues - Bright, stands out, colorful, doesn't like critism, not too practical, loves to talk, hugger, open book, loud, their mouth could get them in trouble, fear of blending in, cluttered live.
* Goal - Party, have fun, if they're not having fun they will creat it
* Needs - attention all the time, approval
* Bumper stickers - "are we having fun yet?" "how can I make this all about me?" "what will it take for you to like me?"

MELANCHOLY (PERFECT) - green small purse

* Visible clues - Organized, functional, practical, classic, colors are subdued, closed book, don't like to interrupt, body language is closed, quiet, don't want attention, neat and tidy
* Goal - achieve perfection
* Needs - Order, sensitibvity (remember everyone's birthday and expect everyone else to as well), wants a perfect world, breaks without order
* Bumper stickers - "if it's worth doinf, it's worth doing right" "love means never having to say I'm sorry"

CHOLERIC (POWERFUL) small black and pink purses
* Visible clues - to the point, bottomline, efficient, lots of energy, presence in body language, likes ot have control, function over fashion, doesn't wear flip flops, likes to look good, seldom get mistaken for conceited
* Goal - being in control
* Needs - achievement, appreciation
* Bumper stickers - "It's my way or the high way" "If I can't win I won't play" "a little gratitude goes a long way"

PHLEMATIC (PEACEFUL) blue and black purse
* Visible clues - simple, easy going, won't mind using paper plates, peaceful, well balanced, symmetrical, nothing sticks out, can addapt easily, like comfort, normally get citizenship awards at school
* Goal - peace, calm
* Needs - respect for who they are not for who you think they should be, self-worth, bepend on others to get feedback on what they're good at
* Bumper stickers - "Don't worry be happy" "R`E`S`P`E`C`T"

I was able to see which one best describes me even though I could fit two. Chery says that this is normal to fit more than one but that one will be more prominant. Are you able to pick out which one describes you??? I thought it was pretty neat and helpful. She even told us which ones her kids were and gave us pretty neat examples!


Timmy's Girl said...

Hey, so which one do you think you are??


God, My Savior Forever! said...

I am almost all Phlegmatic but she did say that phlegmatics tend to be a mix of a couple or even a few of these since they can adjust to any sitation. I can also be a melancholy and once in a blue moon I can be a comes out depending on who I'm with. How bout you?

xoxoxo Susan

Kelly said...

Nice to meet you Susan. We would have loved to adopt from Mexico, however they only adopt older children, and we were trying to stay in birth order. We have a 9 year old, and 6 year old.
Keep praying, and God will point you in His direction.

Timmy's Girl said...

I seemed to fit best into the Phlegmatic...not really into the other ones, too much, because, for example: Although some of the Choleric fit me, I would never choose function over fashion and a day w/out flip-flops for me...well, I just can't think about it without getting teary eyed ;0).

xoxo, Veronica

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Yeah you love your flip flops huh? They are very comfy and low key:D I do both..sometimes I like to dress up, sometimes I just want comfort.

Sheyenne said...

Hey! Just thought I'd let you know there is a Northside Missions blog that you can follow... the team for Africa left today and are hopefully going to be updating the blog about their trip! Its !Hope you're having a great week!

Jess said...

I really liked this... and yes, I think we might be twins...scary huh...especially since we just met! LOL

How old are you? I'm 21.

Natalie said...

I think I need a green bag with pink polka dots :D I don't know which one I am, what do you think Miss V ?

Timmy's Girl said...

Nat, I say you are the green are totally a want to do it right all the time person, and willing to put everyone else's needs before your own at all times. Plus, you and green are made for eachother!

I love you, green and all.
xoxo, V

ChristianMommyWriter said...

I'm a green purse (melancholy)! It almost fit me perfectly. This was a fun blog post.

Thanks for following my blog. I like connecting with other Christian Military Spouses too.

I'll be stopping back by!