Monday, April 13, 2009

A Double Dose of Prayer!

While we were away on our missions trip to Mexico, we got a call from my husband's uncle. Lupita, my husband's cousin and now mine too was admitted to the hospital due to an emergency. You see, she is 6 months pregnant with Daniel Jr. and Emily...precious huh? The babies, at 6 months, are more then ready to be born. Yes..Lupita was having major contractions and even some bleeding. She was immediately admitted to the hospital and will be now staying there until she is at least 30 weeks (a lil over 7 months) to make sure the babies, if born then, are stronger and healthier. We visited her this past friday and treated her to Chinese foos which she was really craving, got her beautiful bring flowers to cheer her up and even took her and her hubby their wedding presents since they just got married. Lupita and her hubby Daniel were thrilled to have us over. Please pray for her because she is really home sick, she wanted to go home the third day she was there because her daughter who's 9 wouldn't stop crying since she missed her mommy so much. Lupita pleaded the nurse to let her go home but the nurse told her that if she comes off that IV she will have the baby twins by the time she gets home. God is really teaching her about His patience and trust. She shared with us that the nurse told her that one day in the resting int he hospital meant three days less that her babies would have to be in the NICU. This really seemed to encourage her to sacrifice her time, not being able to run around like she always has and being away from home in order to help her babies come out of the womb healthy. Honestly...God is really speaking to her and teaching her wonderful things! We shared with them about our missions trip and without hesitation she began to ask about our church and our couples' class. She told us that her and her hubby know in their hearts that they need more of God in their lives and in their marriage! They want to visit our church and hopefully stay! Daniel has never been to a Christian church..only to catholic church growing up so PLEASE pray that not only God surrounds these beautiful babies with health but that God uses this opportunity to bring them closer to the CROSS!!!! Lupita told us that they have a good marriage/rela. but she knows satan's always out there and they really want God to be the center of their home!!! PREAISE GOD!!!! We gathered around her, held hands and prayed for her and for the family. We will continue to visit them, it's a blessing to have them in a hospital right here in Fresno! I will visit her as much as I can to spend time with her watching chickflicks, doing crossword puzzles, taking her lil treats, spending time talking about life, making laugh and hopefully talking more about the Lord! God has great things in store for them!!!

***UPDATE: Just talked to Lupita on the phone and she had great news! The doc told her that when she reaches 28 weeks which will be in one week and three days...they will take her off the IV which is magnesium and put her in pills. They will do a test and if they have good results she will get to go home!!! She is so excited and very hopeful! God is so good! Please continue to pray!


Timmy's Girl said...

6 weeks? I am sure that is a typo, especially if she already knows what she is having...please let us know how far along she is! Thanks! xoxo

Timmy's Girl said...

OK, duh, I read a little further and saw you meant 6 months...

PLEASE give her my cell # or pass on her hospital number to me, so I can get in touch with her asap. I would really appreciate it.

xoxo, Sis

Jess said...

Praying hard for the twins. And for the mommy's patience.

Hope all is well with you

Love, jess

La Familia Garcia said...

How cool that you could be an encouragement to her in this time of trial! They are really blessed to have such great friends! We'll be in prayer for them too.

Brenda said...

Wow, 6 months seems really early, hopefully the little tikes will hold on longer! God's timing though for sure.
It'll be good to have you there for her for encouragement. Praise God that she and her husband are showing interest in the Lord. That's awesome!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

She will be in our prayers.
Your blog is an inspiration!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Niki :-) said...

That is great news. Sending up prayers for the family. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. xoxo niki