Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is a very special day for our family!!! It's my sweet sister in law Veronica's birthday! She is my husband's oldest sister. We don't get to see each other much but when we do we like to talk and talk and talk oh yeah and laugh LOL! She's very motherly, has 5 beautiful children and one princess on the way! The Lord listened to their prayers and blessed them with the desire of their heart...another little girl!!! God is so good! Last year, we had the honor of getting to see her right around her birthday and this year we'll get to give her her birthday hug on memorial weekend. They live in San Diego about 6 hrs from us. Veronica has been a true blessing in my life! She took me into her heart as soon as her brother showed her a picture of me and showered me with little love notes and pictures so I could feel part of the family! She took time out of her precious schedule to call me accross the country and warm me with her words of encouragement when my husband was away at trainings and when we married and I felt a little home sick.

Sis, I hope you have a beautiful day! I hope the Lord showers you with His love and continues to give you the desires of your heart! May the Lord guide you through another year as you serve Him faithfully. I hope to have you many, many, many years more!!! Thank you for being so sweet and for always praying for us! See you soon, Lord-willing! LOVE YOU!!!

This is her with her dad one year ago...isn't this adorable???

She is such a strong woman of God and shows the Lord so much gratitude!

This is her oldest son...Miguel, he's a strong young man of God and very loving!

This is her beautiful dagther Karizma...she's very motherly!

This is her second son..Walker, this is our tradition to take a close up, we do it every time we see each other. He loves his Tia Chuchan! He's very bright like his brothers!

This is her third son Christian w/brother Walker...he's very sweet and loves to hug!

Christian has such a gentle spirit and a sweet smile!

This is her fourth son Zachary with his Tia Chuchan!

Zachary loves to smile...check out the huh? There's Veronica's husband Tim! He's a strong man of God and works hard to provide for his beautiful family!

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Isabella Grace..their beautiful gift from God is due to be born June 10...she's almost here and we are looking forward to holding her and smothering her with kisses!

A bouquet of flowers for you my Sis! Have a beautiful day!!!
Love, Manny & Susan

A bunch of flowers for you. Pictures, Images and Photos


La Familia Garcia said...

No blackmail pictures to share??? =)
So sweet!
Happy Birthday Veronica!

Niki :-) said...

What a beautiful family!

Timmy's Girl said...

AWWWWW! You blessed my heart, Sis! As ALWAYS, you are so thoughtful and kind and I still wonder how we ever got someone as chula as you to marry into our family, lol!!

Loved all the pics of the kids, especially the close up one. The kids can't wait to see you both.

Sorry, I missed your call yesterday..I was with the doctor. I will post about my appt soon.

I LOVE YOU! SIS-Veronica

Linda said...

Thank you for the comment. That was very sweet. That's cool, we do have some things in common. When is your lil one due?

Linda said...

Oh, where in Florida did you live? In July, we'll have been here for a year.

Linda said...

I'm sorry, I thought you were expecting. I hope you will get your little miracle soon :) I live in fort walton beach. Thanks on the background comment, I love butterflies too.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday to your sis...

And so sorry I haven't been by in a while. Things have been so crazy for me.

I just wanted you to know that I haven't been forgetting you, and that I really appreciate all your comments and the nice things you say.

I was really having a horrible day a little while back and something you wrote me really picked me up. Sometimes I think God sends us to cheer someone up that day...and you did just that!

Love your twin!

Tara said...

what a sweet post... and beautiful family! ♥

Sheyenne said...

Aw, you have such a beautiful family! I've been following the Greers' blog too... Myles is sooo cute! :-) Thanks for the comments! When will you guys know if you have to move or not? I"ll be praying for ya'll!

Tara said...

me again... just got your comment on my blog, but can't email you about Cherish Bound...can you email me from my profile? my email is on my profile...can't wait to chat with you. ♥