Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Mommies In My Life!

On this belated Mother's Day, I just wanted to take some time to honor some of the b eautiful mommies in my life.

Thank You Lord for one fo the strongest women I've ever beautiful mami! She was a single mom of 21 when she had me. Never thought about giving me up she says. She knew she had had fight for me even if society/culture/some family looked down on her. She never focused on what others had to say..she simply embraced her beautiful pregnant belly and loved me. She has worked full time jobs some times even two full time jobs since I've known her to provide for me and for my 4 other siblings. The Lord has blessed her with an amazing man of God whom I love as my dad. My mom amazes me, she never gives up, fights for what she wants, protects us with her life and soul, ALWAYS reminds us thast we need to seek and obey God. I love the beautiful woman of God she's turned into. My mom has always had an encouraging word for me, tells me to keep my head up, cheers me on, reminds me that I can conquer the world with the Lord's help. She's not a quiter! My mom is one of my best friends, I can talk to her about so many things and fell understood and nurtured. She inpires me to care for my husband and my home. It so cute to catch myself doing things I saw my mom doing for my dad growing up. I hope to continue to be more and more like her. I love how we can be miles apart and still have the special bond we've always had. What I love the most is how humble and dedicated she is to her family, her husband and but most important to her GOD!!! She loves the Lord in such a special way! She always pray for me and for my marriage! Mami you're my angel!

Thank you mami for loving me, for not giving up on me, for choosing life, for having me regardless of the cirscumstance and for always being there for me. Thank you for coming to my rescue and sharing your wonderful recipes when I want to surprise my husband with a wonderful meal. You are an inspiration to the world, to me, my sisters and hopefully one day to my beautiful daughters! Thank you for always being there for me!!! I miss cuddling with you..of falling asleep on your lap while you talk on the phone for hours. I still remember telling you at age 4 that when you died I was going to die with you. I also still remember the many lullabies you sweetly sang to me.

(This is us at my 3rd birthday...she threw me a party at's always been a fun mom and I LOVE HER!!!!)

(Here we are at my 29th birthday in Costa Rica...they say we look alike....waht do you think???)

I also want to thank my God for my beautiful grandmother Cecilia. I did a post on her for her birthday. She's simply amazing!!!! She has the biggest heart ever. Love you Abuelita:D My step grandma Ada is on the left...she's very young looking huh? She has a very soothing, gentle voice. Don't see these two ladies much but when I do I am smothered with hugs and kisses!

Thank you Lord for my paternal grandmother Beliza. Many people don't know her but she's a sweetheart! She hugs me and wishes time stood still. Every time she sees me she looks into my eyes, caresses my face and wants to cry. She's such a blessing!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with the best mother in law in the world!!! She never ceases to remind me that I am a daugther to her. I call her mom not because I feel liek I have to but because she's earned my respect and has truly loved me like a daughter. I've learned so much from her and she loves to thank me for loving her son so much. She tells me that knew the first time she heard my voice that I was the one God had for her son! She cried and cried when she first heard my voice. She opened her heart and her arms to me the minute she saw me. She is one of ths strongest Christians I've ever met along with my mami. Our children are going to have the best grandmas int he world!!!

Thank you Lord for the special gift of my sister! She's celebrating her very first mother's day! I love to hear all about the way she loves her son and cares for him. She just recenlty had to get a job and is doing it to help her husband provide but deep down I know she truly misses her 4 month aold baby. I truly admire her for doing this because it's not easy but it's a sacrifice that many mommies have to make. I love seeing my sister as a's so sweet!

Thank you Lord fo rmy sweet sister in law Veronica! She is such a wonderul mommy of 5 almost 6 beautiful children. She always looks for ways to better her herself, her home, her family in order to honor and glorify the Lord. She's been such an amazing example. I've learned alot from her specially when it comes to caring for her kids. She is the big sis I've always wanted to have. She's very thoughtful and has a way of always helping me remember the beauty in my life. She celebrates with me when I'm blessed and knows how to comfort me when life gets a lil tough!

(The pics above and below are with my sweet Sis in law Veronica in San Diego....we have so many special memories together)

Thank you Lord for all my wonderful friends. They are sweet kisses from You!!! Each and every one of them have taught me something about motherhood. They love the Lord with all their heart and encourage me to serve Him! They have shown me that you don't need to be blood to be sisters. Together we have build special memories and endured many trials. But we always remind each other to smile in adversity because we are daughters of the King!!!! These are very strong mommies!









Thank You Lord for my very good friend Lisa. She is very special because the Lord brought her into my life to help me with so many areas in my life. We are both prayign for each other because we've been trying to conceive. The Lord is so good and brings people into our lives who understand how we feel and what we long for. We have had countless heart to hearts about our spiritual walk and the way the Lord givers us strength as we await the desire of our hearts..a baby! We've also lost our granfathers so we gave each other alot of encouragement. I tell her that she's my soul sister because we go through the same things together. God definitely know how to take care of His children!

Last I want to thank God for a brand new group of women in my life, my blogger buddies! With your blogs and sweet comments you have blessed my life like you have no idea. You are beautiful, strong women of God and I admire that in you. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing if with me, I am honored to be able to follow your blogs. You are all my sisters in Christ.

ALL these beautiful women have blessed my life in a very special way! They represent strength, devotion, submission, hope and encouragement. I am truly honored to
have each and every one of you in my life. I pray that I can bless your life the way you've blessed mine! You are all sweet kisses from my Lord!!! Love You<3

@-]---- A red rose for You!


~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Great pictures!!!!! Yes those are some beautiful mommies:)
I will be adding your prayer request to my list too. I'm really sorry to hear about that.
Hugs, Sandy

Christian Mommy Writer said...

It's wonderful that you have had such a great relationship with so many women in your life. The pics were great and helped tell the story! You have a beautiful family.

Amber said...

What a great post! Mothers are a great gift from God. Its great you have so many of them in your life!

Looks like a very loving and strong family.

What a blessing!