Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Immediate Prayer Request

On my "Await My Arrival 2009" post I talked about baby Josiah who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome...the left ventricle of his heart is underdeveloped. Erin, his mommy had a scheduled c-section this morning over in Charleston, SC so Josiah is finally here!!!

PLEASE pray for him as the doctor are preparing to operate on his little heart to create an new passage for the flow of blood since they can't repair his left ventricle. It's so hard to believe that a tiny baby can endure such drastic surgery BUT Josiah is in God's hands who is the perfect doctor and He will be right by his side! Josiah's full name is Josiah Nathaniel which means... The Lord has healed/Gift from God....PERFECT name and I totally believe that God will pull him throuhg!!!

* This is the last update from his daddy Nathan: just got an update from the lab, and Josiah is stable. They are in position to break through the atrial septum

* UPDATE: from Nathan's updates: Josiah's heart cath was a success! They were able to make a hole he needed. We might be able to see him soon. we seem to be over one incredibly large hump, but keep praying. This is an uphill battle, and an emotional roller coaster...

* UPDATE: from Nathans updates: Josiah is sick, but he is on the med. Right now he is on a venti
lator and 16 different drugs I counted. He has 2 nurses monitoring him alone for the next 24-36 hours.
Ultimately we are waiting for his body to heal from a very complex and difficult 5 hour procedure he underwent today. Thank you for your prayers.


Christian Mommy Writer said...

What a cute baby! So sorry that he has to go through this but I am believing in faith with you that God will bring him and his mommy through with a full and speedy recovery. Keep us posted!

Abs and Me said...

Yes, definitely keep us posted on their cute little family!

I work with heart surgeries every day, but I the youngest I have ever worked with was 12. It is difficult for me to imagine working on a child who is a few hours old! The skill and care those doctors take on these little ones is mind boggling!

My prayers go out to Josiah and his family. I hope they have a speedy recovery and stay strong through the rest of his life as this is only the beginning of numerous surgeries in his lifetime.