Monday, May 4, 2009

Await My Arrival this 2009

Spring brings in beautiful flowers, cool sunny days, parks filled with children's laughter, lawn mowers mowing away, pretty butterflies, singing birds. So much beauty BUT God has something even more beautiful in store at least for this spring...babies! There's been two times in my life when I've been blessed with the opportunity of being surrounded by not one, not two not even three but many expecting mommies! Below is a list of the many pieces of Heaven coming this year. What a great joy! It's such a blessing to be surrounded by women who's faces are glowing and are smiling from ear to ear as they await the arrival of a precious gift from God's hand! The other time was back in fall 2007 as we threw a a babyshower for three of my friends/classmates! I had 6 other women in my life who were pregnant! There's something unique this time around though....did u notice???? This must be the year of the girls!!! God has also answered prayers...He knows the desires of our heart! God loves His children and He shared His passion in His Word:

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth.
Blessed is the man
who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame
when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

—Psalm 127:3-5

These are all the beautiful babies/answered prayers God has or is creating in far

* Irene - Isaiah Pastor (our nephew) - born January 9, 2009

* Ani - Gabriela Isabelle - born April 5, 2009... desire = hoped for a baby girl

* Stephanie - Cassidy - born April 2009... desire = a baby after several miscarriages, miracle baby

* Laurel - Myles (adopted from Rwanda) - held him for the first time May 2, 2009... desire = to become a mommy

* Vanessa - baby boy born March 2009

*Brandi - Selah - due May 27, 2009...desire = to have a baby girl (they already have two boys)

* Erin - Josiah Nathaniel - due May 26, 2009 desire = to have a baby boy (they have two girls) Baby Josiah has a heart condition and docs say he will need 3 surgeries after birth BUT I am praying for a miracle, for complete healing before he's born!

* Veronica - Isabella Grace (my niece) - due June 10, 2009... desire = baby girl (they have 4 boys and 1 girl and wanted another princess)

* Brooke - due in June 2009

* Ann- Madison Jane - due June 18, 2009 - she also has 5 cousins who are expecting, all girls... Ann's desire = a second baby (she has a 9 yr old so they tried to conceive for 8 yrs and endured 2 miscarriages...8 yrs later they are expecting their baby girl!)

* Lupita (our cousin) - Daniel Jr. and Emily (twins) - due July 2009... desire = to have 4 kids (she has two older kids and God is blessing them with two more at the same time:D

* Chelsey - Gabriella Christine - July 2008

* Mayte - due November 2009...desire = to have a baby after trying for a while

* Kat - just found out - due in December 2009

* Natalie - due in December 2009 desire = to have more children and God is making that happen

* Maria - just found out - due Decmber 21, 2009

* Sandy's daughter to conceive - she miscarried in Dec. 2008..desire = they hope that this is the year the Lord has chosen for her!

I want to make a point in my life to pray for others. We are to be selfless as we serve God and think of others. God layed in my heart to pray for these babies. I will be praying for them during the month of May! If you know of other babies I can pray for let me know. It's so important to pray for our children even for the unborn because the world (satan's) goal is to go after them. But I will pray that they become warriors of Christ and make a difference in God's kingdom. Each baby is born with a mission in life! I will also be praying for the parents so they are strengthened and become wise in the Lord as they raise their beautiful child. This is tomorrow's generation! Thank you God blessing these families with a little piece of heaven"

Here's are some of the cuties:

My beautiful nephew Isaiah! taken last month..he's almost 4 mos. green eyes haven't changed!!! He's the first baby in our family and we're so in love with him!

Gabriela Isabelle, her daddy is like a brother to me...we've known each other for 17 yrs so she's like a niece!

Cassidy was such a wonderful miracle God had in store for Steph and Clint. After several miscarriages, countless surgeries, and doctors saying they wouldn't conceive here we see God's power and His faithfulness to His promises! She arrived a lil early but well taken care of!

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This is Josiah Nathaniel when he was a little younger in his mommy's womb. They have a scheduled C-section for May 20 at 8am. Josiah has a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Symdrome - the left side of his heart is under developed. The doctors want to operate on him right after he's birth and then do two more surgeries a few months later. I am praying for complete healing....for a MIRACLE!!! Please keep the Wilsons in your prayers. Baby Josiah is in God's hands!!!!

(Here he is smiling the day his parents were given hope that he wouldn't die since previously they had told them that most unborn babies with this symdrome don't make it..that smile was God's reassurance that Josiah would make it!!!!)


Sheyenne said...

Do you know the Greers?? I have been following their blog about their adoption because we are looking into it... I cried when I saw their pics of Myles! So cute!!!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

God is an awesome God! What beautiful blessings!!! We are praying God will bless our daughter with a baby this year. She sadily miscarried in Dec 08,but we are praying this is the year for her. So keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Christian Mommy Writer said...

Oh my goodness! These babies are so cute! I can't believe you know so many people that are pregnant at the same time!

Having a baby is a special time. I overall enjoyed my pregnancy. It was great because another girl at my church and I had due dates that were one day apart.

And you are right. It's important to pray for these babies.

Have you ever read the book "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize? It is a wonderful book that teaches you how to pray for your unborn children and your delivery. I highly recommend it.

La Familia Garcia said...

wow, how cool is that! Come here to see that your praying for these little babies. THANKYOU! Many blessings..

Timmy's Girl said...

Sis, what a beautiful post. God also has put it on my heart to pray for the women so longing to have their wombs blessed, including YOU!!

Would you also pray for my sister, Mayte', in Texas? She is due in November 2009...they had been praying for a baby for 11 months and became pregnant. I also have been blessed with a nephew, this past March, born to my brother Adan and his wife, Vanessa. So, could you lift them up in prayer as well? I see God doing a mighty work in you and preparing you for something AMAZING!!

xoxo, Veronica, SIS

Natalie said...

Thanks for the prayers. I will also be praying for all these little miracles and the one's we don't know about. Children are definitely a gift and we're also praying for those women who desire a baby to be blessed also.


jennykate77 said...

What a blessing children are! This is a great blog. Such a testiment to God's goodness and how He gives us the desires of our heart! Sweet pictures of your nephew. He is ADORABLE! My little boy's name is Isaiah and he was born in January too...well, January 2004. He's not so much a baby anymore. :) Praying for the ones who need prayer.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Timmy's Girl said...

Oh, I am glad I checked back...the sonogram pic is so sweet! What a blessing that must have been for the parents.

Loved catching up with you the other day. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks.
xoxo, SIS

Abs and Me said...

That sure is a lot of sweet little blessings!

I'm sorry to hear about little Josiah. I have a few friends who have been dealing with heart disease since birth. There is a huge heart community in Utah of families who have dealt with such diseases as Josiah has. I can't remember the blog name of one of my friends, but his name is Paul Cardall and he has been battling heart disease since he was born as well. He is currently on the heart transplant list, but is an example and inspiration to the community if you or Josiah's parents want to get in touch! Best of luck to him!

Amber said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about my brother and his surgery for cancer. He is doing well, he is 19 years old.

What a great post! I love babies and love to read about others being blessed with a child or more.
What a blessing to be surrounded with so much "new life" in this world how it is right now. Just a reminder how great God is!

popuri said...

HI Susan,

thanks for visiting. I can tell you love children & what lovely blog you have! How many children are you planning to have?